How long has iPrima Media been in business?

iPrima Media was incorporated in 2014 but has been in operation since early-mid 2013 through its predecessor company, Prima Media. Since incorporating its new business name, iPrima Media evolved to be one of the fastest growing SEO and digital marketing start-up companies in Singapore and Malaysia.

Where can I find examples of iPrima Media's works?

You can visit our website at: www.iprimamedia.com and view our portfolio, case studies and testimonials.

Does iPrima Media require a contract?

Yes, we require a contract. With online marketing, the result is not always immediate. It typically manifests from three to six months after the work or strategy has been implemented. Ideally, we recommend the minimum of a six month contract to ensure that your search rankings and return of investment of your website rises continuously.

Does iPrima Media serve everyone, including another client's competitors?

Yes. iPrima Media, like any digital marketing company, has a variety of clients in different industries with similar products or services. However, we treat these similarities as individual clients with different needs. This applies to your search engine optimization strategy. We can help companies with similar services or products achieve high search rankings for a variety of keywords that are specific to their unique offering. To learn more and get a free consultation, give us a call at  +65 6710 7168 or +65 9632 6201.

I have questions about my account; who can I speak to about it?

If you need assistance with your account, please contact iPrima Media Customer Service directly at: +65 6710 7168    or +65 9632 6201.

I am a new customer; how do I check my website's progress?

You will be given login instructions if necessary. For additional help, contact our Account Manager at +65 6710 7168 or +65 9632 6201.

How long will it take to see results for my website’s search ranking?

To determine how long it will take for your site to rank, we have to factor in your budget, your competition in the same business niche and if your website is SEO ready. There are no standard ways to predict the outcome of your rank but based on our record and statistics of our competitors, it typically takes about 3-6 months.

Can I get in touch with the team assigned to me?

iPrima Media is committed to your campaign’s success. For us, every account is cared for by every member of the  team who is there  to assist you personally, every step of the way. Our team will identify your needs, share ideas and, answer your questions, make suggestions, and monitor your campaign’s progress. We are your partner every step of the way.

I already have a website, is that not enough?

Having a website does not mean your site will be seen or be at the top of a search by chance. A lot of work is done just to put a website on the first page of the search results. Websites need to show to the search engines that they are both relevant and helpful to customers. With just a website and no SEO done to it makes it difficult to be found in search engines.

How much do your services cost

We have set packages for services like SEO. For other services we can customise the packages according to the   customer’s business needs. We think that you will find our services very competitive for the flexibility offered.  For more information call us at  +65 6710 7168    or +65 9632 6201.

Why should I hire you?

We have proven success in this highly competitive industry and we have continually received   numerous praises for our work. One reason you should hire us is our team who are dedicated at providing the best quality service in the region. We have specialists in a variety of internet marketing niches so we’ve got you covered online.

What can I give you to ensure that you make my business successful online?

You are the person that knows your business best, the one who knows the customers, the one who   have the most in depth knowledge regarding your industry. If you give us the information and update  us regularly, we can strategise on how and where to market it. During consultation and briefing, we need you to tell us everything there is to know about your business like brand, guidelines, awards received, or if a fresh / hot topic has popped up in your industry. Inform us so that our copywriters can create blogs and offer information on your behalf to media outlets. It is better to let us know before we deliver our first website mockup.

How does your SEO Company rate in comparison to other SEO companies in the region?

We are considered as one of the fastest growing SEO companies in Singapore and Malaysia. We consistently meet or exceed the online marketing goals of all our clients.

What if I am not happy with the work you have done for me?

We try to resolve the issues immediately and we will always consult with you from planning to mock demonstrations before going live to ensure that you are happy with our delivery.

What would be the deliverables on the service that I signed up with iPrima Media?

It would depend on the package chosen and the specifics of the assignment. Expect some documents via e-mail   for Project proposal, order confirmation report, keyword list report, date-wise activity plan, weekly progress report on web development, monthly SE rankings reports following submission throughout the project life cycle, content recommendations as needed, social media calendar, etc.

I do not have a logo/I want to change my logo, can you create one for me?

Yes, our talented Graphic Design Team can put together an appealing logo for your business. We will provide you with a questionnaire that requires your honest answer because that will serve as our guidance in creating your logo which will be an important part of your branding.

Does iPrima Media guarantee SEO results?

No company can guarantee first page result as part of your search engine optimisation strategy. Beware of companies who advertise that they can because they are being dishonest as search engine optimisation is not an exact science. Search engines like Google keep their search algorithms secret because that secret is what makes  the company successful. Most SEO companies develop   their own algorithms while others measure web results over time but still, there are no set rules or programs to    achieve search engine success. However, it is possible to be very good at SEO and have a successful track record like iPrima Media does.   We have a proven track record and massive success over a short period of time. See our portfolio of how we have helped other businesses like yours achieve desirable results.

If iPrima Media can’t guarantee SEO results, are there alternative products that will put my business on top of search engines?

Pay per click or PPC is one alternative product that can provide results quickly and provide you with a high return on investment. However, a PPC campaign can’t guarantee you keyword-specific clicks. Since SEO is made up of organic listings, (Organic listings are considered the natural search results displayed when you type in a search term) it gets more clicks than the average PPC campaign. While organic search takes time, the return of investment and long term value of SEO is higher than PPC.

Who chooses the keywords being used for my website’s search engine optimization campaign?

An experienced SEO specialist of  iPrima Media researches and chooses competitive keywords that will give your business the best chance of being searched online.

How are keywords chosen for my website?

Keywords are researched and chosen using our own proven method and also incorporating the best-known practices in the industry while taking into account the best chances of getting your business seen.

What is included in the full-service search engine optimization package?

If you are opting for a full-service SEO package, you’ll receive a custom search engine optimization strategy tailored specifically to your website and your company’s search ranking goals. At iPrima Media, we don’t stop there, as part of your SEO package, we can implement site-wide changes to your keyword focus, meta titles, and meta description   in addition to updating or rewriting your web copy (onsite content). Furthermore, we will help your business promote itself by including an offsite content strategy. Your offsite content includes links from articles we write and publish   for you as well as relevant and reputable directory listings to help put your business on the map!

Why does my SEO strategy include optimisation for only a few keywords?

In our experience, some keywords are not searched very often thus making it ineffective for marketing your business. What we do instead is focus on the keywords that will bring you the most relevant traffic and value. Moreover, when a website is optimised for its most relevant keywords search engines will associate your keywords with others keywords that are closely related.

Why does my website show up only in organic search results and not on local search results?

Every search engine employ different algorithms for each search category provided. These search engines will determine a website’s specific location and the keywords associated with your site, pulling from many different areas. This specific local search algorithm will boost your local search results where geo-specific search engine optimization strategies can be implemented.

Will I have to make a lot of changes to my website?

No, not necessarily as we may only update the written content of your website, not the design. We just need to make sure your website is optimised for the right keywords.

Can iPrima Media help me with my website content or any change I need to make to my web copy, code, or meta data?

For your convenience, we offer a range of editing services for your website/s. If you want to start from scratch or  create a new website, we can do that too. Please check out our products to get started.

Why do websites have a different search engine ranking on Google versus Bing?

Different search engines use their own algorithm which view search criteria differently than others do. Because these algorithms are different from each search engine, they will rank sites differently. iPrima Media’s SEO services utilizes    strategies that applies to all major search engines, specifically focusing on the more popular Google search engine. If there are variations for the other search engines, we make sure our tactics gives you the best shot to be visible in the most relevant search engines.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Search engines help people find exactly what they are looking for by typing specific words on the search bar. When search engines give search results, it ranks sites and links according to the most visible and popular. The results are influenced by the quality and quantity of links pointing to a site. Search engine optimization is a process that makes your website get found easily through search engines, by building links to your website and using strategic keywords that people are searching for. The more links there are to your site, the higher it ranks and the more visible it is to your customers. If you want to give your businesses an online presence, building links to your website is the way to go.

How do I know if I am getting good SEO?

There are several things to consider if your site is indeed getting good SEO. You can read and learn about Google Webmaster Tools for the fundamentals of google search. You can download software that analyses your site’s links, backlinks and ranking or you can check it through our monthly reports and analytics included in the service package that you chose.

How much does SEO cost?

There are many SEO providers online nowadays as SEO has one of the highest ROIs of any marketing angle. It can cost from anywhere between $1000 to $30,000. Many SEO companies service SEO for big businesses only as they are only interested in “big budgeted” clients. At iPrima Media, we offer very affordable SEO solution for small businesses by keeping their small business budgets in mind. For more information on our services for your SEO needs, please see our product services page or contact us at  +65 6710 7168 or +65 9632 6201

What will SEO do for me?

SEO helps make your business and website more visible and within reach to your target consumer. By incorporating SEO in your website, your site gets better traffic which usually translates into more sales and revenue.

What is Bounce Rate?

A bounce occurs when a visitor of a website leaves after viewing only one page. A website tracking tool like Google Analytics would calculate and report the bounce rate of a particular webpage. If the bounce rate report is less than   ideal, the webpage might be boring or underperforming.

What is a conversion?

In internet marketing, the word “conversion” is the process of converting a visitor of your website to a purchaser  of your product.

What is website conversion rate?

A website conversion rate is a marketing tool that is used to measure the performance of a website and is expressed in percentage. It is usually measured by the number of visits to a website against the number of visitors who purchased.

Are you going to send me updates on the links?

Yes, we will send a report detailing each and every link created for the project. The report will have the link URL, PR value and anchor text details.

What if I don’t like the links you send me?

We base the links created on the details you have provided at the start of the project.  We will then get the highest relevant quality links and send you the report. If you don’t approve of any of them basing on violation of any criteria, we will replace them.

Which software do you use to build links?

All the links are created manually by experts.

Are the links permanent?

Links are not permanent because sites or web pages may be shut down for various reasons. However, for sites and pages that are active for years, having a good link can add value for years.

How many of the links will be relevant?

All the links will be relevant to your site. For example, you are in the restaurant business, all the links will come from sites that are related to your industry and not the non-related ones like mining or car manufacturing.                                                         

What does keyword (not provided) mean?

Keyword (not provided) occurs when a person does a Google search while logged in to any of their Google accounts then Google encrypts the keywords used and show as “keyword  (not provided)” in Google analytics.

What types of clients have used your search engine optimization services in the past?

Our SEO Clients have included everything from small business websites to large companies in the Asia Pacific Region.

Can I track my SEO Ranking with iPrima Media?

Yes you can track your SEO ranking through the detailed report and analytics that we will provide you in a weekly/monthly basis. This way, you can gauge if a particular marketing strategy is doing well or not in improving your SEO ranking.

How do I calculate marketing ROI?

ROI or Return on Investment calculation by iPrima Media depends on your business needs but in the simplest calculation, you take the gross profit generated from a particular marketing investment, subtract the cost of the marketing campaign from it and divide this number by the cost of the marketing. ROI is typically expressed as a percentage, so multiply your answer by 100.

How do I Calculate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?

Customer Lifetime Value or CLV in Internet Marketing is the prediction of the business profit from the projected  future relationship with a customer. There are a number of ways to calculate CLV mostly patterned after the type of industry your business is in. If you sell a monthly service, you could take your (average revenue per monthly  per customer) X (gross margin) X (the average number of months a client stays with you). If you run a home service business (HVAC, plumbing, etc.), you might take your (average revenue per job) X (gross margin) and a lso take into account the number of times a customer uses you over a period of, say, 10 years and how likely they are to refer you to other people.

What is Dynamic Number Replacement (DNR) and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)?

Dynamic Number Replacement (DNR) are call tracking technologies which allow advertisers to change the phone numbers on a given website based on parameters set by the advertiser while Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) shows the right phone number to every visitor. When a visitor lands on your website after clicking one of your ads, the tracking software detects their source and will automatically replace the phone number which will help  identify calls from your site. The result will then be measured to track which ad, campaign or specific keyword is leading to call conversions.

Should SEO be done in stages?

It will depend on how SEO ready your website is. If you have never invested in search engine optimization (SEO) and your website was built more than three years ago (or older), chances are you have a lot of things that need to be fixed. While it's tempting to fix everything in your website at once, changing your site rapidly to SEO ready status or doing too many things at once can cause problems. Depending on the number of changes that needs to be done on your site,  we would recommend rolling out your SEO efforts in stages.

What is Co-citation and Co-occurrence?

In the recent years, Google developed new algorithms that changed traditional SEO ways. In the revolutionized SEO, Co-citation refers to link building without actual links. Co-citation happens when website A links to websites B and C. In this scenario, websites B and C are said to be related through co-citation because they both are linked from website A. Co-occurrence refers to the text before and after a hyperlink. The process is identified by Google based on the relation between two webpage links which is then used as a factor in search engine ranking.

What is NAP and does it help SEO?

Mentioning your business name and location on sites are critical to local search rankings. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. NAP is important for businesses to rank well in the local organic search results, because search engines like Google take local citations into account when determining which companies to show for targeted searches.

Does linking to other websites help or hurt SEO?

Linking is a common practice for all SEO companies. There's a common belief through the SEO community that linking to another website will negatively impact your website's rankings and SEO. We at iPrima Media and other notable SEO companies in the area believe that there is a lot of positive correlation with linking to other sites to help boost the site’s ranking. We take utmost care to provide links of your website only to trusted sites.

Why XML Sitemaps are important for SEO

One way to improve your site’s rankings is to incorporate XML sitemaps. XML sitemaps tell search engines of every page on your website and alerts them if your webpage has new or changed content.

What is Google Panda and Google Penguin?

Whenever Google update their search filter, codenames are issued. Google Panda and Google Penguin are codenames for Google’s search ranking algorithms.

Which search engine gets the most traffic?

The most popular search engine focuses primarily on the triad:  Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

What are Backlinks?

You can't build a website, and then expect that people will find your website without pointing the way, this is where links come into play, to get the word out there about your site. Backlinks are one of the main building blocks of good SEO. When one website links to another website, it's called a link which is important for SEO because search engines like Google use them to measure a website's relevance and authority.  The more relevant the site is that is linking back to your website, the higher the quality of the backlink and better in search engine ranking.

Can small companies like mine outrank bigger companies?

Absolutely! It is common to find unknown small companies outranking the big guns in search engines. Small businesses can rank higher in the organic search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for multiple reasons. One reason is the intelligent use of keywords. Although every situation is different, it is better to perform a comprehensive website audit and analyse the competitors first before creating a strategy to outrank bigger companies in search engines and iPrima Media can help you with that.

Why do search engines penalise?

Websites that purchase from link farms, hidden links, duplicate content, and stuffing keywords in a single page are   few of the things that can get your website penalised by search engines. iPrima Media does not resort to this kind of techniques.

What SEO methods do you use?

First, we do an intensive analysis of your website to identify problems. Then we will take steps to fix broken  links, improve the structure of links and look for inbound links that potentially be highly ranked by the search engines. Next,  we  will edit or add  content to improve your chances of being found. We also recommend that you combine SEO with social media marketing to raise the popularity of your site. Finally, once changes are made, we do all of the work for you.  That means you don’t have to worry about getting into the technical details, find a developer to change your site analyse reports and statistics, write attractive content, and even do online marketing to promote your products / services, after all, we are your local one-stop shop for all your internet marketing needs.

What's the significance of placing a keyword on one page against multiple pages?

Google ranks each page against one another. If we put the same keywords to every page in your site, it will lessen the power of the keyword on your overall site. What we do instead is we place a specific group of related keywords on one page only. We want Google to direct all users looking for a certain keyword like your service/ product to the page on your site that offers exactly what  the searcher is looking for. By doing this, it translates into higher conversions for your business.

Why do I see the same keywords in multiple title tags?

We too have seen many pages that have no title tag, have multiple title tags in the code or have put the tag within the body tag instead of the head tag. This is a mistake as it pulls away against the potential value of the tag. This is where our long-tail keywords come into play. Though the base of a long-tail keyword might include a more general keyword that we’ve used on different pages, these keywords include modifiers that set them apart. For example, if your homepage is optimised for ‘frames’ and your interior pages are optimised for ‘silver frames or ‘wooden frames’, these do not compete against one another – as long as the keywords are appropriately integrated into your content.

What steps are taken after signing on for PPC management?

We will analyse your account to gather data on problems that needs to be addressed immediately and we also need you to grant us Administrative Access to the account so we can make the changes and set up your account for PPC.

What kind of testing will you do for our PPC ads?

Since PPC is a major component in online marketing campaigns and can be costly to run, we put special attention to every business account we handle. Strategies often vary according to the different types of industries. The normal run we do for PPC ads is to test different ad copies, display ad designs, keywords, and/or landing pages to see which ad brings in the most traffic and conversions.

What should I know about Google Analytics?

As a website owner, we recommend that you at least learn the basics of Google Analytics like looking at your website’s traffic, see how users move through your website and how they use it. The data given by Google Analytics can help you determine if your website is popular or not and use the metrics to develop successful business strategies.

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Facebook's tracking pixel when it comes to collecting traffic and conversion data?

Google Analytics and Facebook’s Tracking Pixel differ in the result they produce for traffic and conversion – the numbers often do not add up. It would depend on what suits your business model. The way it works is that Facebook tracking pixel will consider anyone who has seen your ad and then went to your website as a click, regardless of whether the user actually clicked on the ad to get to your website. This means that anyone who saw an ad but did not click on it during the timeframe will count as a conversion on Facebook but not on Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, conversion only counts on a direct visit on the site and not by clicking the ad. The problem with this is if a user views the ad on his smartphone and then visits the website using his laptop, the link between the ad and website is broken. We at iPrima Media are adept at reading and calculating actual statistics on both Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixel ensuring that the data handed to you are both accurate and relevant.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat in SEO means practicing ethical engine optimisation and following accepted standards to optimise a web site to rank high in organic search results and attract more search engine traffic.

What is Black Hat SEO?

In SEO, Black Hat optimisation is the unethical use of SEO shortcuts like spamming, hiding text, creating keyword tags with hundreds of keywords and cloaking in the process. This tactics are considered cheating and search engines will penalise companies who are found guilty and have your website removed from the search engine list.

Do I need to create more content to rank better in search engines?

Ideally having more quality and relevant content raises your chances of ranking high in search engines. It will depend on the level of competition in your industry. For example, if your business is in the restaurant sector and there are thousands of you competing in that industry in the same locality, putting additional content will strategically create an opportunity to write different keywords that will give better chances of driving traffic to your site and give you a boost in the search rankings.

My competitors are using spam tactics, why is it working for them?

Sadly, not all spams are detected by the major search engines. However, this is precisely one of the reasons why popular search engines update their algorithms regularly to detect new spam techniques. If you use this black hat method, your site will eventually be penalised and you risk getting your website delisted.

Do I need to create more content to rank better in search engines?

Ideally having more quality and relevant content raises your chances of ranking high in search engines. It will depend on the level of competition in your industry. For example, if your business is in the restaurant sector and there are thousands of you competing in that industry in the same locality, putting additional content will strategically create an opportunity to write different keywords that will give better chances of driving traffic to your site and give you a boost in the search rankings.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to strategies of  marketing online such as doing content marketing, pay per click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media that aligns with a targeted customer’s interest  to attract them to buy or visit your site.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing focuses on attracting and engaging prospective customers. The content you create can be articles, blog posts, case studies, custom magazines, email newsletters, webinars, videos, etc.

Should I get into mobile advertising?

Many people access the web via their mobile devices and current internet marketing figures show that people are more likely  to engage with mobile advertising than regular web advertising, so this can help your business achieve marketing ROI.

What format are mobile ads delivered in?

Formats vary and iPrima Media can discuss with you the options if you opt for this service. Options include text  ad formats and rich media formats among others.

Why should I do social media marketing?

With more than one billion people on Facebook, millions of people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media websites in every corner of the world, people are constantly connected. Since your customers are already on social media as well as your competitors then you need to be there too.

Which social media websites do you recommend that we use?

We can discuss objectives of your social media campaign to make sure that we target the right sites for your business   goals and engage your customers. We can work with the different social media applications, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Why should I choose iPrima Media’s social media services?

We are experts in our field. We can develop engaging and interactive content needed to grab the attention of your customers. Our talented social media campaign managers have years of experience and are continually updated about what works and what doesn’t on social media.

How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook advertising is different from Google AdWords and other advertising platforms. It is a pay per click system where you set a budget and advertisements according to how much you pay. Our expert social media campaign managers monitor your campaign on a day-to-day basis to ensure that it is running optimally.

Can you get me lots of likes for my Facebook profile?

We certainly can but you need to understand that Facebook likes are just a small part of social media. There are other aspects that are more important in grabbing customer attention like a winning content, and this is a specialist area for us. Having a memorable content will draw your potential customers to interact on social media, paving a way for loyal followers in the future.

What should my digital marketing priority be?

We recommend that you think about what offerings you could sell to your customers and what your goal for your business should be.

Which digital platforms make the most sense for my business?

It’s tempting to try using all the online platforms available in the market. However, the right platforms mostly depend on your audiences and your business goals. We can help you plan your goals right and recommend the best solution to your needs.

What is Internet Marketing Optimisation?

Internet marketing optimisation is key to branding your business and building an excellent reputation in your industry. There are several steps to ensure that your business is taking advantage of all the digital tools available online. It starts from the design of a site which should be easy to navigate while accomplishing a very attractive design layout. Next step is to dominate the search ranking by choosing the right keywords on a great and relevant content on your website. Then your site needs to be placed in front of potential visitors or they will not know you exist, this is where Facebook ads and other online ad placements come into play as the integration of  generating traffic are vital to the success of your site. It is also important to establish social media presence which could be used to promote your business as well as build a strong relationship between your company and the online community. Another important aspect of internet marketing is the constant monitoring of everything that goes on in your business online. And lastly, you need to remember that without smart marketing, any business will fail.

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is another branch of internet marketing used to achieve marketing and branding goals with the use of various social media platforms like Facebook. Social media is a hub for interacting in the online arena, allowing users to comment, share and build upon conversations, ideas and opinions. For businesses, social media is a gold mine and should not be overlooked because each social media platform offers unique benefits of participation depending on the platforms used, participation and advertising or promotional opportunities. A well-designed SMM strategy can drive high traffic to your website, high conversion rate as well as successful ROI.

Will my site benefit from Social Media?

Social media can help boost your rankings by getting natural and organic high quality links to your site which search engines loves.

If I’m already getting SEO for my site, why do I have to optimise Social Media Marketing as well?

SMM is a natural extension of search engine optimization. One helps you establish yourself in the search engines  while the other strengthens your brand image across the high traffic sites on the internet such as Facebook which is one the most visited sites in the world.

Can social media marketing help my business, no matter which business industry it is in?

Yes, it can help your business target the right audience and reach real people as people flock to social media sites with common interests.

Why does my website need to be mobile-friendly?

As popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! changed their algorithms to favor mobile-friendly websites   in search results, you should do well to follow suit to better your site’s chances on search rankings. Many people access websites via their smartphones or mobile devices nowadays. Websites that have not been optimized for mobile do not display properly and are difficult for customers to use. At  iPrima Media, we keep up to the current online marketing trends and we will make sure your website is  up to date and well-maintained, ensuring that your site is suited to be viewed across all web based devices.

What is a responsive website design?

In the field of website development and design, a responsive web design means your website responds to all devices used to access your site from the adjustment of screen resolution to orientation of image sizes.

Why do I need a website if I am not selling anything online?

According to top business and advertising analysts, customers are less likely to trust a business or a brand if they don’t have a website. A Website is a great marketing tool that attracts customers to a business whether that business is online or offline. Since we are at the age of the internet, more than 50% of people search online to find any sort of business these days, including small local businesses.

I would like a website that grabs attention with flashy animation – can you do that?

We can do flashy animations for sure and we are more than happy to oblige to your plans and aesthetic vision for your website but being in business for years in this highly competitive industry, we recommend a more appealing website for customers, one that is of  high quality and easy to navigate.

Do you custom design websites or do you use templates? Wouldn't templates be a lot easier?

We can do both. Custom designing and building websites from scratch has unique needs and demands from its site. On the other hand, when you use a template, your options and site capabilities are limited. Although, each option can do really well on its own, we only want to make sure that your website is exactly what you want it to be, while being visually stunning and optimally functional.

How do I increase my website's speed?

We can give recommendations for top rated host and server. Generally, slow websites happen due to a variety of reasons like large file sizes, poorly designed access files, and sloppy site architecture among a few others.

Do you develop WordPress sites?

Yes, we build our websites with a content management system called WordPress. WordPress has a great built-in and user-friendly dashboard. The WordPress dashboard allows the user to log in and make changes/updates to the text, photos, and other types of content on the website. We will provide you with a complementary WordPress training, walking you through the steps you’ll need to know in order to maintain your website.

Do you provide website analytics?

Yes we do. Web Analytics is included in our search engine marketing services. If you are a website owner, you will want to know the impact of your website to your users. We at iPrima Media understand the importance of having conversion goals to determine the return on investment (ROI) but this will vary and be unique for each website. You will be provided a concise report of your website analytics report and we will also include recommendations to   improve on key areas.

How long does it take to build a new website?

In general, websites are completed in a week up to 2 months or can be longer, depending on your website requirements. For example, if your website requires custom programming or development of a 50-page catalog, it can take longer than 2 months. We will provide you with a timeline to complete your project once we have developed the full scope of work for your website.

Will I be able to make changes to my own website?

Yes you can make some changes but only limited to the site’s content as you might make accidental changes that   might compromise the programming and scripts done on your site. If you need to do changes that involve  technical knowledge, we will be happy to accommodate your request.

How long does it take you to make some changes to my website?

Once we receive the information on what you would like to change on your site, we will reply to you with an expected time of completion. This may take 5-7 business days from the time received or longer depending on the nature of the request.

Can you do ecommerce sites? blogs to my website?

Yes we can add ecommerce and blogs to your website. Ecommerce might be more expensive than blogs because it will   depend on the number of products you wish to feature, add-ons you wish to create for shipping and fulfillment of product as well as the graphic treatment and check out pages. Some of our web packages include  these features, for more information please call us at +65 6710 7168 or +65 9632 6201 for a free consultation.

I am paying someone else to host my website. Can I transfer that hosting to you?

iPrima Media only provides services for SEO, Paid FB Ads, Social Media Campaigns, Video Marketing, Website and Landing Pages Creation, Online Branding for Small Businesses and Content Marketing. We do not cater to website hosting for now.

Can I send my email newsletters from my site?

Yes, we can integrate that feature to your website. We can also design HTML newsletters to help you deliver outstanding messages to your clients.

Can I put video and audio files on my website?

Yes you can as long as they are in web-friendly format like YouTube’s. The simplest and hassle-free way to do this is to upload the video to YouTube and provide us with an embed code so that we can place the video on your website without affecting load time of the site. You also have to bear in mind to limit the length of these files, as most web viewers and listeners veer away from videos and audios of excessive length.

How can I keep the content on my site up-to-date after launch?

If you have questions about making a change or performing site edits, we are more than happy to help. We are just a phone call or email away.