4 Points For Better Digital Marketing That Go Against Common Perception.

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“Orcs do not win by default” – Matt Easton, Scholar Gladitoria.

It's quite normal to think that more is ALWAYS better, especially if you're a paying customer and/or are anxious for results. Regardless of what the left-overs of our hunter-gatherer instincts tell us, more isn't always better.

 1. A Bling-Bling Website is Overrated.

A visually stunning website is always a plus, of course, but the time spent on this might detract from from the far more important task – usability (navigation, loading speed, bug-free experience) and usefulness (content, information). The goal of a website is to engage its users and drive sales conversions, not show them fireworks.

2. Expensive marketing channels aren't always the best option.

Even if budget wasn't an issue, paying more money won't always get you the best results. Especially for small business owners and startups participating in a price war with corporate giants is financial suicide. Engaging a more affordable advertising/digital marketing agency, at least to build your initial brand awareness, is a realistic option.

3. Higher Traffic ≠ Lead Conversion.

While high traffic certainly beats no traffic don't be misled by the statistics. Better digital marketing is characterized by conversion ratios – not the traffic generated. Higher budgets can draw more traffic (via paid ads, more advertising avenues, etc.), but ultimately revenue and profit is generated only if that traffic can be converted into leads and sales. Targeted traffic, even if small, is almost always better than untargeted ones.

4. Don't do creativity for the sake of creativity.

If it were always possible and better to find new ways to do things all the time then standardized learning in schools and formal education would be completely useless – and this certainly isn't case the last time I checked.

True, creativity is needed to come up with new branding ideas, such as funny videos, but there's a lot of more to better digital marketing than just the next funny-commercial hit. For one: have you ever installed a new update only to be frustrated that the icons had changed or the navigation or commands were completely different from what you remembered? Even creative works themselves follow certain formulas that satisfy the expectations of its audience.

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

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