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What!? Boss with 7 figure sales is going to teach you online marketing for free

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50Gram Is Going To Provide Valuable Online Marketing Training Free

50Gram Is Going To Provide Valuable Online Marketing Training Free to their customers and business partners, in order to give back to them who have always supported them!

What!? Boss With 7 Figure Sales Is Going To Teach You Online Marketing For Free

50Gram Founder Spring Wong: “After MCO, the consumption habits will change! Learn online marketing or you will be eliminated. “

During the MCO period, 50Gram felt that they had to do something to support the people who had been taking care of them.

After some hard work, they decided to provide a way for manypeople to improve and develop themselves during MCO.


50Gram Giving digital marketing training without any stingy

50Gram is a company that adheres to the concept of gratitude and focuses on giving back to their customers. They very concentrates on  their customer’s needs and experiences.

They found that customers now need a skillset to fight with the world’s pandemic situation while everyone is forced to stay at home —— digital marketing training.  

Digital Marketing


Live On Facebook! 50Gram Founder Is Going To Teach you Online Marketing!

They are about to give out their experiences to everyone. These experience has been used by 50Gram for many years and it’s work. All these effective strategies will be broadcast live on Facebook by the founder of 50Gram, and showing everyone how they did it all.


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iPrima media

iPrima Media is a well-known Digital Marketing company based in Singapore and Johor Bahru. With over 10 years of experience in online Marketing, iPrima Media has created successful Digital Marketing for more than 1000 businesses and brands. We provide:

  • Social Media Management
  • SEO / SEM Marketing
  • KOL/KOC Marketing
  • Youtube Channel Building
  • Professional Product Photography
  • Corporate Branding, PR & Advertising

If you need to outsource your advertising planning or any attractive and creative marketing idea, feel free to check out our service.

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