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Immediately after the announcement of Singapore Circuit breaker, Malaysia on Friday extended its one-month lockdown by another two weeks through April 28 as the country continues to see daily triple-digit increases in new coronavirus cases.

In 2019, when we shouted that the market was not good, but there was still 3.6% growth in Malaysia and 0.7% in Singapore.

ON 26 MARCH, MTI Singapore downgrades 2020 GDP Growth Forecast to “-4.0 to -1.0 Per Cent”.

Within one month ON 3rd April, National Bank of Malaysia published the “2019 Economic and Financial Report”, which estimated that under the impact of the (COVID-19) epidemic, the gross domestic product (GDP) may decline significantly this year To 0.5% to minus 2%.

How About your Business ?

Here we want to ask, if there is no Covid-2019, how is your business condition?

In an ascending period?

Still alright?

In a hard condition?

No matter which one you belong to, what you planed has to be adjusted. If you are still thinking about how to break through this crisis, we want to tell you that many people have begun to use the power of the Internet (from Facebook, Instagram, and even their own website) to ease the impact of closing their store during lockdown or Circuit breaker.

If you have already started, congratulations, you have taken a crucial step, but what’s following:

  • How can I have time to write those post? 
  • what reason cause nobody reading  my posting? 
  • How can I let my post reach out to more people? 
  • There is so many people “like” and “share” my posting, and how come I didn't get any sale improvement?

Moving Online & Work From Home

While there is many people still struggle and suffer due to taking unpaid leave or keep closing their store, a large number of people have started to work from home in the worldwide areas. 

It isn’t time for you to thinking bring you business online or not, online business is already a part of our life. Nowadays all businesses need to integrate with the Internet. 

You need learn all the corresponding skills! 

Master all the e-commerce skills that will make your business grow today.

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