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First... Here's Why You Need to launch your Chatbot... A.S.A.P!
"FB chatbots are not the future, they are the here and now
If you're not already using a FB chatbot today then you're already starting to fall behind..."
Did you know that 85% of the businesses are actually experiencing serious "profit leakages" of thousands (and even millions) of dollars each month... all because of the lack of responsiveness? 

By that (lack of responsiveness), we mean how well you respond to inquiries via the telephone, live chat, and email...

How well can you handle your prospects' doubts and objections...

As well as how well you "edutain" (educate and entertain) your prospects and customers... before they finally like and trust you enough to hand over their hard-earned cash to you.

The thing is, many businesses have no idea how much $$$ they are losing due to their slow responses (yes, slow responses IS part of poor customer service) to satisfy their prospects/clients' needs and wants...

Chances are, you might also be losing large chunks of revenues unknowingly to your competitors... who are happily snatching your clients away -- simply by responding faster and better.
"Businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service." - Forbes
Assuming both you and your main competitor know exactly how to target the perfect client, offer the EXACT irresistible offer, at the EXACT same price... what is the ONE THING that decides who closes more deals?

The Answer: SPEED

You see, most of your prospects and clients have too little patience and too many choices... and if you are just a little bit slower, they would buy from your competitors without batting an eye.

Most of the time without you even noticing.

But... that's not entirely your fault.

Because you might be too busy with prospecting and day-to-day operation to notice that... especially if you're a solopreneur, or you're just running a small business with a small team struggling to juggle everything.

Even if you have a dedicated customer service team or virtual assistants... chances are, their performance is highly subjected to mood swings, distractions, their threshold for stress...

Anyway, what's more important here is what you're going to do to STOP these "profit leakages"...

"Chatbots can lead your campaign to a 98% open rate, and to 12x times higher CTR, compared to email..." 
-- @chatbotsmag
THE GOOD NEWS IS... you can solve this problem with your very own Facebook Messenger chatbot.

We're NOT saying that the chatbot is the silver bullet that's going to help you crush your competition and make you the Coca-Cola of your industry overnight...

Neither are we making the nonsense claim that everyone and their grandmother are spouting -- that the chatbot is way better than emails, or can even replace them...

After all, your email subscribers are still the most valuable traffic -- BECAUSE they are the TRAFFIC YOU ACTUALLY OWN! 

On the contrary, your Messenger chatbot will help you get even MORE EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS!

With your own intelligent Messenger chatbot... here are just a few amazing things you can achieve confidently:

1. AUTOMATE your customer service -- Save the costs of hiring customer service staff and the hassle of managing them (in all fairness, yes, there are definitely great customer service people out there... but they're not easy to get hold of)

2. Attend to custom inquiries INSTANTLY -- Plus record and send instant notifications to yourself, so you can respond A.S.A.P and stand a higher chance of closing the deal!

3. Subscribe your prospects to your Messenger follow-up sequence WITH A SINGLE CLICK -- this will SUPERCHARGE your lead generation like never before!

4. Segment your target audience with LASER-TARGETED precision -- Save all important inquiries and responses to custom attributes easily, so you can present the right offers to the right people every single time.

5. And of course, last but not least... CLOSE MORE DEALS before your competitors even know what hit them!

What You'll Get In This Online Course (with full reseller rights)
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Online Chatbot Course
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And of course, to make sure you have no issues launching, fine-tuning, and promoting your chatbot to suit your business objectives, you'll get LIFETIME SUPPORT from us.

This means... no matter where you are, you can email us your burning questions, send us your screenshots, screen recordings, or even add us as your chatbot admin... so we can troubleshoot for you!
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6 Reasons Why You Must Build & Launch Your Own Client-Pulling Facebook Chatbot A.S.A.P.
  •  Easily connect and engage with your target audience, convert your prospects into buyers, and your buyers into loyal customers.
  •  Most people love messaging because the messages are shorter, easier to read, and more fun… which means...
  •  Your messages get opened and read MUCH MORE than flyers, banners, classifieds, and direct mail. This means A LOT in today’s over-saturated advertising world!
  •  Your message can reach your prospects and customers FASTER, allowing you to quickly test, learn and improve your offers, so you can boost your sales conversions!
  •  You can “hang out” with your customers on Messenger like their friends, or even trusted advisor... so you're NOT just another advertiser!
  • And of course, last but not least… your competitors are probably already pulling in more profits with their chatbots right now!
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Today's Price: $47 $197 (Early-Bird Price)

"Chatbots are easy to use and many customers prefer them over calling a representative on the phone because it tends to be faster and less invasive. They can also save money for companies and are easy to set up." - Forbes
Use Chatbot to Get More Business...
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1. Step-by-step hands-on guidance on how to create, test, and launch your Facebook Messenger chatbot using the best software (and yes, it is FREE!) 

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3. Easily add images, gifs, and videos to your chatbot to entertain and engage with your prospects and customers, and hang out with them like their friends on Messenger!

4. Discover the MAGIC LINK to systematically record inquiries on autopilot from your chatbot conversations and receive instant notifications... so you can respond to ALL your customers' inquiries promptly to increase your sales conversions!

5. Leverage the POWERFUL *Facebook ads + chatbot combo* to build your targeted audience, segment your prospects -- and promote your offers to ready buyers to make more sales! (worth $297)

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Today's Price: $47 $197 (Early-Bird Price)

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I have very little technical knowledge. Will I be able to grasp and implement everything?
If you have little experience and technical knowledge, all the more you should join this course. Because we will explain and show you step by step how to do everything. The best thing about this course is, you do NOT need any coding experience at all.
Why is the course priced so low? Will I really learn everything I need?
We want to help those who want to learn these powerful skills but cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for other courses out there. If you follow the steps we show you in the course videos, we are confident that you'll be able to launch your own Messenger chatbot in a short time. Anyway, if you are stuck at any point, just hit us up and we'll do our best to clear whatever doubts you have.
Disclaimer: Earnings, income, and any promise representations made here are aspirational statements of your potential achievements only, subject to your business niche, market competition, your personal efforts, and your grit to follow through and innovate from the key principles and techniques taught in this online course. Each individual's result will not be typical and may vary. We can in no way guarantee that you will get similar results like our current/past clients or students, and we are in no way implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). All business entails risk as well as concrete action and consistent efforts. If you're not willing to accept that, then this is not for you.

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