Digital Branding, Building Relationships With Your Clients: “The Beacon”

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The Beacon: Putting Yourself Out There

In every sense of the word, the next step is to make yourself into a shining beacon of hope for your target audience. Getting noticed for what you are and giving them a way to get in touch with you is crucial to success and it’s sad to see how many companies with great products fall under the radar and die simply because they weren’t able to reach out.

So what are the best ways to reach your “Avatar” (your target audience)? The answer is dependent on who they are. What are their interests? Which social groups do they associate with? What are their professional associations? All these will help in your “Avatar” profiling efforts. Once you’ve a good idea with who they are, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Which ‘outlets’ can your avatar find you?
  2. Is your avatar found online or offline?
  3. What breadcrumb trails are you leaving for them?
  4. Where would you lay out your welcome mat?
This piece is part five of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”, which covers the three core layers of marketing.
A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.
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