Digital Branding. Creating Value For Your Clients : “The Vault”

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Are you a business owner? Or perhaps you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to take the first step into the realm of commerce? Maybe you’re a newbie digital marketer looking for some semblance of guidance?


Whatever the case is, we’re here to provide some insight on what many businesses consider a desideratum – digital branding/marketing.  


Digital Branding & Creating Value


First and foremost, you need to know what digital branding does for your business. The short answer? It creates value for your enterprise and it helps to put eyes on your product.


Creating value is the ultimate directive of any business. High-value products and services sell themselves rather easily. And the profits gained go towards increasing the value of shareholders, who subsequently go on to fund future endeavours.


How does one go about “adding value” to their product, you might add? Innovation in products and value-added services are just some of the ways to create this sought after value. 


For instance, take a look at your run-of-the-mill household products. A lot of these items we take for granted today. Most of us living a modern urban life would not be able to fathom a life without working plumbing. But this was everyday life for people as recent as over a century ago. Flushing toilets were something of a novelty then.


Getting back on track, the industrial revolution steamed on (no pun intended) and came more revolutionary inventions. These thingamajigs became cheaper and quicker to produce on a larger scale. Marketers then started to introduce it to the world and today, the flushing toilet is an absolute necessity in anyone’s bathroom. How’s that for value creation?


Coming back to our topic at hand, the process of creating value has three main steps. We’ve appropriately named them: (I) The Vault, (II) The Avatar, and (III) The Premise.


The Vault: Taking Stock of “You Inc.”


When we say “you”, we meant it in a metaphorical sense of the word, of course. The value of “you”, whether you are an individual business owner or a gargantuan multinational corporation is always there. It’s merely a matter of presenting that value to the masses to make your product look invaluable that's lost.


Because owning a business is about offering something (service/product) that a buyer wants. On the other end of the spectrum, persuasion could also come a long way in convincing someone to buy things that they don’t really need. But, some may view this as being unethical. We’ll take a neutral stance and say that this is a topic for another time!


So how does one go about deciphering your value to the world? Sit back, relax, and open up your metaphorical inventory (the vault). Take stock of your skills and resources, and what you can offer to the world. Ask yourself these five simple questions:


  1. What can I offer the marketplace?
  2. What experiences and assets do I have in my vault that could be of value to others?
  3. What kind of work tasks do you derive the most satisfaction from?
  4. What skills have I sharpened over the years?
  5. What are possible blind spots?


If you have a good answer for each of them, then congrats! You are on track to mastering the art of digital branding.


This piece is part one of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”. The program covers the three core layers of marketing.

A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.


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