Digital Branding: Building Trusts With “The Welcome Mat”.

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Once your brand, company and products are known the next step in your digital branding plan is to get your products out there, turning curious customers into paying ones, and then making improvements to the ‘Digital Brand Grid’ (that is, the entire process of “Creating Value”).

The Welcome Mat: Building Trust

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of building trust and credibility. Trust is what makes people want to deal with you and is what drives people to return to do business with you time and time again.

While providing services at a super-low price may sway the audience regardless of reputation, it’s in best interest of all parties involved to avoid an all-out price war with the competition, which not only compromises your revenue but also the quality (and safety) of the product for consumers.

However, building trust and, ultimately, a good relationship with customers, isn’t just about providing the best products or services either. Nobody likes having to deal with a selfish prick regardless of what they have to offer. A few customers may even patronize a different business (even if it meant inferior services at a higher price) just so they can avoid having to deal with undesirable characters.

Emotions affect a buyer’s decisions so significantly that Candle Chart analysis methods are based of this understanding of buyer/seller relationships.

The best place to start building a customer trust is by building a nice, warm ‘Welcome Mat’. Start by asking yourself questions like these:

  1. How can people sample YOU Inc.?
  2. What value can you afford to give away to build good will in the marketplace?
  3. How do you plan to follow up with them after they have sampled the core offer/experience?
  4. What’s in it for them if they help amplify your message?
  5. How often should you follow-up with them?
This piece is part seven of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”, which covers the three core layers of marketing.
A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.
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