Digital Branding, Building Relationships With Your Clients: “The Storyboard”

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So you followed our three steps for “Creating Value” and now have a great product that you *know* will be the catalyst for your explosive entry onto the Forbes 100 (hey, it’s ok to dream).

But no man is an island. So until humanity decides to reinvent itself through biotechnology and cybernetics or you evolved into something else entirely (like into an omnipotent being such as Cthulhu) then make a reality check, smarten up and start getting social!

The Storyboard: Origin Story

Since time immemorial stories have been used to relate human experiences. While writing down your experiences and presenting it to your audience as a history book is perfectly functional, there’s something undeniably powerful about adding a human touch.

The human touch is what differentiates a plain history book from an epic saga. With the exception of diagnosed psychopaths or jaded movie buffs, emotions such as the pains that stem from trials and tribulations, and the feeling of gladness and relief when they are finally overcome, are very relatable to most.

But you don’t know where to begin, you say. We understand. That’s why we’ve prepared five very special questions below to help you on your storyboard journey.

  1. Failing Forward: Which point in your history did you face the same setbacks and pains as your avatar?
  2. What milestones in your life shaped your current views?
  3. What did you discover that prompted you to design a better solution?
  4. What inspiration do you want your audience to draw from your stories? (While ensuring that they don’t stray too far from your main message)
  5. What risks did you take that turned out to be the best decisions you ever made?
This piece is part four of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”, which covers the three core layers of marketing.
A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.
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