Dell cuts 3000 advertising jobs – outsourcing digital marketing next step?

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In a move to improve profitability and cut back on wasteful spending, Dell Technologies will be cutting 2000-3000 jobs from its marketing, administrative and supply chain budget right after its acquisition of data storage company EMC Corp. Most of the layoffs will be happening in the United States as reported by Bloomberg.

That’s a lot of jobs, but inevitable when costs aren’t justifying results. However, marketing is essential for any business and it needs to be done – the reason why companies are willing to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, on advertising even though it has its share of failures of epic proportions. The game plan is to adapt to new technologies and developments, as describe by Singapore PM Lee as ‘disruption' in his National Day Rally speech.

Outsourcing To An External Digital Marketing Agency.

The key is to outsource the job to an external digital marketing agency/digital advertising agency. With the rising importance of the digital space, the importance of internet marketing is growing exponentially. However, high competition means that only a digital marketing agency run by specialists are able to run a sleek and profitable operation by taking on jobs from multiple sources at once – and running at peak capacity at all times.

Some might take it even further and outsource their advertising needs offshore, like to an advertising agency in Malaysia.

Like traditional advertising, it takes time and specialized skills ranging from knowledge in consumer psychology and information technology in addition to having good understanding of the product/service to be advertised in order to formulate a digital strategy that works.

How A Digital Advertising Agency Helps.

While an in-house marketing team would (and should) best understand a company’s products and services, sustaining an entire team simply for a few products simply isn’t cost-efficient. Even for a small company, an in-house digital marketing team could easily costs in excess of S$10,000 (i.e. salaries of the SEO specialist, videographer, social media/paid ads management, web designer and content writer) or usually much higher. This doesn’t even include the costs of rent needed to house the extra staff, which could easily costs hundreds (if not thousands) more.

After all, quality matters more than quantity – and if an external marketing team could get your product noticed for a fraction of the price (i.e. S$2000/month) then it makes perfect sense to engage their services instead. No wonder companies are now starting to cut back on their in-house marketing budget!

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