How Can Digital Marketing Helps SMEs To Increase Sales?

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Cold-Call Marketing is a method of the past

Throughout the history of humans, there’s only 1 thing which ultimately never change: Businesses big or small is always trying to promote their product/services to the world in hope of getting more sales. This is marketing. Businesses uses all sort of marketing channels & strategies to get to their potential customers. From door-to-door marketing, snail-mailing, to cold-calling, all these has being the tools of marketing we’ve seen in the past.

But there’s a whole new marketing game play in the trend right now, which you’re already a participant of it without even knowing it. It’s so subtle that customers doesn’t even realize that their buying decision has being affected by it. This is known as Digital Marketing! These type of marketing strategies can being spotted everywhere from your email inbox, your search engine, YouTube movies, Facebook social medias, to your TikTok videos. It’s practically all around you without you even realize it.

Digital Marketing is Everywhere

Have you ever noticed, that night you were discussing a Korean trip with your best friends in the Best Friends Whatsapp Group. Right after that, you went to open up your Facebook to check on your favourite Korean Star. And just about there, a red color picture of a pretty lady in red uniform appears on your screen, saying “OFFER tickets to Korea @ RM499”. That’s right, it’s an airline commercial advertisement appearing right in front of you, just when you and your best friends were discussing about that Korean Trip.

Our lives in this era is inseparable with Digital, from our work, our studies, our hobbies, or even our entertainment. Digital has embedded in our lifestyle so deeply that we’re growing to depend on it to make our life easier. You can see digital in your laptop, your mobile phone, your car or even your house. It’s getting more and more integrated over the past years, and with the recent Covid-19 Pandemic happening around the world, it has tremendously sped up the speed of integration & dependant on the digital world, from schools teaching online, groceries shopping online, bakery lessons online…etc.

The consumers of the world is being forced to rush into the digital world, and that’s where SMEs can find their potential customers.

MYTH: only Global MNCs needs digital Marketing

Lilly works as the Local Human Resources Manager in the Biggest Logistic MNC in the world. Lilly is on a recruitment drive for a new engineer in the technical department, and Lilly has received many applications in her email & As she was going through the applications, she needs to research on the applicant's background via & Facebook.

And while she was doing so, she came across an advertisement of a local bakery shop selling her favourite cheesecake. She clicks on the advertisement to message the local bakery shop to order some cheesecake for her breakfast tomorrow which can be delivered tonight.

That’s right, not just MNCs, but local SMEs can also benefit from the power of Digital Marketing as well, as not all products in the world can be make available worldwide from a single centralized distribution centre. For example, would you want to order a frozen cheesecake, vacuum packed, delivered to you 2 weeks after you ordered? Yes, some products/services are preferred by consumers to be responded fresh/instantaneously. Thus, no matter where you are, or where your business location is serving, Digital marketing will be able to help you to promote your products/services more accurately & efficiently.

it’s NOW or Never

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc in the supply-chain all over the world, and businesses who have not yet step their footprints in the digital arena are the one who's suffering the most. Governments all over the world are ordering a lockdown or restriction law to restrict the physical movement of the population, on an effect to prevent the spread of the virus, keeping the pandemic under control.

Traditional schools are being forced to teach online, young students to learn online. Groceries shopping has being forced to be done online, forsaking the habits of pressing & smelling fruits before deciding to buy. Executive workers are being forced to work from home while maintaining the same productivity. All these results in a huge surge of traffic flooding the digital space and more applications being utilized, like Facebook, Zoom, Google…etc.

And where else do you go to find your potential customers then the Digital Space? It’s as if you went fishing in a swimming pool compare with fishing in a river stream.

The shovels to mine your Gold

But having the skills to do marketing in the digital space is not a luxury skills that all SMEs can afford or possess. And the skills required in Digital Marketing ranges a wide array of different professional skills which is almost impossible for an individual to master all at once. To be successful in Digital Marketing requires skills like Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Live Broadcasting, Copywriting, SEOs, Data Analysis, amongst all of it, a marketing strategist. To manage all the skills above in order to master Digital marketing (the shovels) to increase or stabilize your business footprint (your gold) in this Covid-19 pandemic is almost impossible.

Luckily, there are companies out there providing such services to our Local SMEs at an affordable price. One of such companies is Iprima Media which is a professional Media Agency providing wholesome online marketing solutions to customer in the region.

Iprima has a large group of Digital talents in their community which ensures the capability to provide quality online solutions to their customers. You don’t have to possess a deep pocket to be able to market like an MNCs.

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