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Using So many heading sections is almost a waste of seo

Google Seo Headings Section

Having Many Heading Sections Is Never Going To Make Sense

Google’s John Mueller comment in a post on Reddit by saying that heading section is really used too much. An in-depth heading section like H6 may waste SEO time. He said: “Having this many sections is almost never going to make sense, and changing anything in the last level is never going to change anything with regards to SEO. This is a waste of time when it comes to SEO.


Having Many Heading Sections Didn’t Work Well In Increase Ranking

He said this is common sense. In addition, someone said: “In this case, changing between  Or Or Didn’t Work Well In Increase Ranking


Having Many Heading Sections will not result in a significant increase in ranking

Then, John added: “It’s obvious when you just look at the numbers… Assuming you have 3 sub-sections per section, that would be:

1xH1 (insert argument about number of H1s here) * 3xH2 * 3xH3 * 3xH4 * 3xH5 * 3xH6 = 243 headings / sections on this page.

Therefore, when it comes to Heading, don’t be too weedy. In terms of search engine optimization, Google has played down for a while.

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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