Instapage: Essential Tool for Landing Page Creation

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What is Instapage? How can you utilize it for your own benefits? Find out more!

If you are a digital marketer, you must be familiar with Instapage. If you don’t, let me break it down to you.

Nowadays, people have changed the way they collect leads and sales. It used to be more traditional like advertising and direct sales (it still works) however there are a lot of new digital ways to market your product now using the online platform (search engine, Facebook). First, you need to drive traffic to your website with Facebook and other marketing methods but where they will land after that? Well, if you ask me one of the best platforms out there to convert people into buying your product, I can say it’s landing page. This is a web page where your prospects will land into and it will have a purpose whether to get leads or start a sales funnel. It’s an essential tool for digital marketers and Instapage is one of the best providers for landing page creator.

You don’t have to learn any coding and design since it’s very easy to use as they have many templates designed especially for conversions. You just have to drag and drop all the pictures and information to create your landing page. It also will provide you with many analytics like conversion rate, heat map, and also A/B testing. One of the perks of using Instapage is how you can use it for so many purposes like lead generation pages, sales pages, thank you pages, event pages and much more.

Another good thing about Instapage is their integration system. You can integrate it with a third-party website like Facebook, WordPress, Get Response, MailChimp and much more which makes it very convenient to use. On the other hand, Instapage is not the best platform to create sales funnel as it takes time and quite complex. You need to integrate with other third-party website and few tools to make it work. However, if you are looking for creating and optimizing a landing page, Instapage will be one of the best options out there!

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