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ZAZACORONA contains a synergistic combination of benzalkonium chloride and glutaraldehyde benzalkonium chloride. Glutaraldehyde is active ingredients utilized in healthcare facilities and that they are known to inactivate bacteria coronavirus groups and other viruses.

Due to its composition, ZAZACORONA has been included within the Singapore's National Environment Agency's list of products with active ingredients for the disinfection of colloids 19.

Zazacorona Anti-Virus Multi-Surface Disinfectant

R&D Organization Of ZAZACORONA

Since 1953 the Zagro has been manufacturing and distributing biosecurity and farm hygiene solutions to farming communities and food processing plants in countries around the globe. 

With approved registrations for Zagro virus IDEs from various countries, they grow a variety of potent surface cleaners and disinfectants are tested to destroy viruses from the coronavirus family, such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

They grow manufacturing facilities operating offices and presence within the local market are often found in over 70 countries globally and for quite 50 years they grove has been providing farms and food processing plants protection from bacteria viruses fungi and zoonotic diseases. 

With the growing demand for anti-virus sanitation, Zagro expands its disinfectant range to the buyer market with the event of ZAZACORONA an anti-virus multi-surface disinfectant developed to kill not just bacteria but also various strains of viruses. And it's tried and tested by internationally accredited Singapore-based laboratory pacific lab services.

How To Use ZAZACORONA For Preventing From Virus?

1.With A Footwear Tip

DIY Footwear Dip Using Zazacorona

When walking outside, shoes can get contaminated by various strain of viruses freshly shed by an infected person. coming into a house, a workplace, a school or other public establishments carrying a deadly disease. Floors walked on in hands pudding or taking off shoes can get contaminated. Use of footwear depends on shoe spray to prevent the spread of diseases. Farms, food processing, plants and laboratories around the world use foot baths as part of biosecurity measures against viruses and microbes inside the premises. 

How To Make A Footwear Dip 

1. Take a tray and put a mat or Ragan it
2. Wet or damp the mat with Zazacorona
3. Place the footwear dip by the entrance

How To Use The Footwear Dip

1.Step into the mat or a rag with your shoes on
2.Scrub the shoe sole on the wet mat or rag
3.Step out of the footwear dip

How To Maintain A Footwear Dip

1. For public places change and wash the mat and apply ZAZACORONA solution daily
2. In homes and less traffic places footwear a dip can be replaced every three to four days duration vary depending on if it gets too soiled for efficacy keep the mat damp when using.

2. Cleaning Any Surfaces That May Be Touched With ZAZACORONA

Zazacorona, antivirus and bactericidal disinfectant scented ready to use multi-surface cleaner contains alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and glutaraldehyde kills viruses and bacteria safe to use for shoes, boots and other footwear.









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