Mini Matsuri: What You Should Expect?

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This coming 10 & 11 August 2019, the very first Mini Matsuri event will kick off at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall. What Mini Matsuri is all about you might ask? It is a Japanese convention that hosts a variety of Japanese-themed booths and performances. In this article, we list down some of the key highlights you should expect throughout the two-day event. Read on and find out!


Mini Matsuri 1: J&Y Nail Salon

Japanese Nail Art Designs by J&Y Nail Salon

Indulge your vanity with Japanese Nail Art Designs!  J&Y Nail Salon & Academy will show off a variety of Japanese nail art demos and displays! There will also be a special promo, only exclusive to Mini Matsuri visitors! So if you're a nail art lover, be sure to not miss J&Y Nail Salon at Mini Matsuri!


Mini Matsuri 2: Doki-Doki

Japanese Tea Sets & Anime Figures by Doki-Doki

Longing for some authentic Japanese goodies? From Japanese tea sets to anime figures, Doki-Doki has it all! If you're a hardcore collector of Japanese antiques, it is no doubt you must visit their booth and bring some of them home!

Doki-Doki is also renting out Japanese Kimonos to Mini Matsuri visitors

Moreover, Doki-Doki will be having kimonos at Mini Matsuri out for rent for those who want to feel what it feels like to be wearing one of these. You can also pre-book your rental with Doki Doki for a special rate of only RM25/30 minutes before 10 & 11 August. On-the-spot rental will be RM35/30min.


Mini Matsuri 3: Gitz Hobbies

Miniature Dolls & Figurines by Gitz Hobbies

To make the event more merrier, Gitz Hobbies will run a workshop on making or creating miniature dolls and figurines. If you have a passion for miniatures and love collecting and building your own figurines, you must come to their workshop and learn from the experts!


Mini Matsuri 4: Maqhimage Academy

Lifelike body art paintings by Maqhimage Academy

Maqhimage Academy will host a Body Art Matsuri Painting Session and a Body Art Matsuri Catwalk Session throughout the event. They're also selling make-up courses for interested visitors.


Mini Matsuri 5: Miri Cosplay Club

Enjoy the performance of pretty cosplayers from Miri Cosplay Club

Are you a big fan in cosplaying or costume dressing? Miri Cosplay Club will be performing cosplay dancing and singing during Miri Matsuri! Besides, they will also be having a booth to sell some food and drinks, posters, figurines, manga and anime.


Mini Matsuri 6: Curtin Japan Pop Culture Club

Learn to play Vanguard card games with Curtin Japan Pop Culture Club

Curtin Japan Pop Culture Club also has a presence during the event where the club members will promote Vanguard card games, sell game cards and organize card game workshops for Mini Matsuri visitors.


Mini Matsuri 7: Fox Manga

Manga artists will be presenting their artworks at Mini Matsuri

In addition, manga artists from Fox Manga will be showing up at Mini Matsuri as well to sell their arts and illustrate drawings upon request for visitors throughout the event.


Mini Matsuri 8: Assorted Workshops

Learn to DIY your very own Japanese lanterns with us

Furthermore, visitors can expect various workshops such as DIY origami, lantern, and wish tree workshops at Mini Matsuri.


Mini Matsuri 9: FuduBa

Savour your taste buds with traditional Japanese dishes by FuduBa!

Craving for traditional Japanese food? FuduBa will set up a booth at Mini Matsuri and serve you with the most authentic Japanese delicacies you could ever find!


Mini Matsuri 10: Esports Tournament

Look out the Mobile Legends Tournament that will be held all day long at Mini Matsuri!

Attention to all gamers! It's the time for you to shine! A Mobile Legends Tournament will be held alongside Mini Matsuri, offering attractive cash prizes amounting to RM3000 to gamers who emerge victorious. We will also be having a Meet & Greet session with participating gamers, streamers, cosplayers, and influencer Le Josette at the tournament! You don't want to miss this, do you?


In conclusion, are you ready for Mini Matsuri? Get your family and friends and head over to Mini Matsuri to enjoy the Japanese vibe, right here in Miri this coming weekend. Oh, before we end this, make sure you use the hashtags #matsurifever, #matsurimobilelegends, #minimatsuri2019 whenever you post any photos and videos of the event in your social media so we can find you! See y'all there!

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