Long Line Of Pawnshops, Malaysia’s Civil Are Struggling During MCO!

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pawn shops malaysia's civil are struggling during mco

The Livelihood Of Malaysia Grassroots After The Start Of MCO Is Not Optimistic.


From March 18, 2020, Malaysia officially entered the MCO period. During this period, many companies and enterprises did not operate at all, and the employees of these companies also faced various situations, for example: working at home,  forced to use annual leave to offset MCO, half salary, Suspending pay for staying in work, or even being forced to leave.

Compare with those who don't have any income during this period, people who still have income are lucky. Those who don't have any income but still have deposits can still survive. But more people are actually having no income and also live from paycheck to paycheck. At this point in time, perhaps all they can do is borrow money from the people next to them!


Pawnshop Status In The First Of CMCO


After the start of the CMCO on May 4, 2020, many pawnshops can be opened for business. At the same time, the pawnshops in various places have also begun to queue up.

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Some People Are Busier During This Period.


After knowing the situation, I’m thinking about is there any chance to improve the current situation? If not, then how to avoid this kind of thing happening to more people in the future.

After thinking about it, I thought of a meme that circulating on the Internet these days.

Although what it said is just to ridicule the boss from the perspective of employees, but if we think back, at least these people are in a much better situation than those who need to borrow money from others or pawning own things.


What kind of job do these people work at home?


To sum up, it can be roughly divided into the following types:

1. Special professionals (high threshold, need to invest a lot of energy to learn):

  • information technology engineer
  • programmer
  • Graphic Designer

2. self-employed on the Internet:

  • self-media
  • Live seller
  • Online shopping platform store owner

3. Jobs related to network (relatively low threshold):

  • Digital marketer
  • Online Customer service staff

Indeed, these people were really busy during this period. Even their company's vacancies in such positions have begun to increase. This is also a verification that the network-related work will accelerate as many people think. Everyone can see the trend, but is the question is who can catch it?

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What About Future Trends

digital marketers malaysia

I’m very glad that I am part of the above, it can be regarded as keeping up with this wave of trends. What about you? Regarding the above-mentioned classification, the first type I think is difficult, unless you are willing to spend more time on college or university courses. The second type can be started directly now, but this is the same as entrepreneurship. We all know that entrepreneurship is risky. Do you have the ability to take this risk? The third type may still have some gaps compared to traditional work, but this gap is not too large.

Until here, I hope that I’m already giving you a clearer picture of the future. And you can rethink the relevant issues. After all, the world's pandemic is not the first time, nor will it be the last. And pessimistic scholars even believe that as global warming becomes more and more serious, the Arctic glaciers begin to melt, and many ancient viruses have been thawed. Things like this pandemic this time should happen again.


What Opportunity That We Can Provide To You


If you want to know more about the work mentioned above, I dare not say the rest, but if it is related to online marketing, you can click this link below to find out.

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