Are You Killing Your Sales (Unknowingly) With “Can I Help You?”

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IF YOU'RE A BUSINESS OWNER — and you want to see a dramatic increase in your sales…

… then this may be the MOST IMPORTANT post you read today.

Because I'm about to share a SECRET that you can use RIGHT AWAY to achieve that.

(I'm going to use retail business as an example — now, even if you're not in the retail business, stay on for the VERY IMPORTANT lesson here)

Here goes…


Promoter: Hi, can I help you?

You: It's ok, I'll take a look first…

This scenario is pretty common, right?

Whether the shop is selling clothes, computers, furniture, etc…

This “Can I help you?” line kind of turns people off…

But why are promoters and sales staff still using that line?


They are not aware of the 4 INVISIBLE WORDS on their customer's forehead….

Invisible words on the forehead?

Yes… and these 4 words are:


(You see, each of us have these 4 words on our forehead… but very few people know this — and do the right thing to make us feel special)

Now, back to the example.

So… instead of asking “Can I help you?” (which basically sounds like “What would you like to buy?” in the customer's head, thus putting pressure on him/her)

… the promoter can actually ask something like:

Hi, welcome… may I know if you have any special occasion that just happened or coming up soon? ?”

By asking this, the customer will be pleasantly surprised…

… and most probably will reveal that special occasion (perhaps a birthday, an anniversary, etc…)

… because they're anticipating a special treat.

Which in this case, the promoter is going to say something like:

“That's awesome! We'd like to celebrate that with you by giving you a special 15% off today ?. Please feel free to look around and call me if you need any help ?”

This is definitely better than just hanging a 15% signboard and saying “Can I help you?” or “Hi, we're having a 15% discount today!” to everyone, right?

(If the customer can’t think of any special occasion, the promoter can say, “Well, don’t worry… allow us to make TODAY the special occasion by giving you a special 15% OFF! ? Please feel free to look around and call me if you need any help ?”)

Now, WHY is doing this better?

Because… by doing this, you're actually:

* Standing out among your competitors by NOT using the sales-killing line of “Can I help you?”

* Reminding your customer of something pleasant (thus making them feel good instantly)

* Making them feel special and exclusive (IMPORTANT!) and giving them a good reason WHY you're giving them a discount

Yes… by doing this alone, you'll increase the chances of them buying something dramatically…

… even if you're just giving a small discount of 10% or 15%.

In this example, the way you present your offer decides whether you win or lose the deal.

Of course, if you have a great offer — that would totally guarantee the sale.


This is just one of the many things you can do face-to-face to increase your sales.


What if you can AMPLIFY this effect — I mean to double, triple or even 10X the impact…

… using a PROVEN digital marketing system?

How much more sales could you be making?

I'll leave that to your imagination…


If there’s one thing you need to take away from this article, it’s this:

Always remember to make your customers feel special.

Because most of your competitors don’t do that.

I’m sure of that.

When you’re able to master that, you become the top of mind choice…

… and pricing becomes secondary — meaning you won’t have to compete with your competitors based on price… ever.

And whenever you decide to give a discount, be sure to give a meaningful reason why…

… so your customers won’t think that you’re giving discounts just because you want the sale.

Anyway, this coming 20th June… we'll be conducting a 3-hour FREE workshop called the Profit Maximizer Formula at Austin 18 Johor Bahru

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So if you're serious about growing your business to the next level…

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