10 Reasons Why Your Company’s Digital Marketing May Fail In Malaysia

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The internet is accessible to just about anyone in the current era as numbers are constantly rising with no signs of stopping. According to Pew Research, there was a 5% increase in constant internet usage among adults based on the past three years.

This is also in line with the boom of the online shopping and sales age, rendering traditional marketing ‘old news’ and futile. Marketing has always been the method to pull in the targeted and intended customers, and a huge fraction of them are found on the internet. 

This is where digital marketing comes in, basically traditional marketing has gone digitized to attract and inform internet users.


What is Digital Marketing?

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Digital marketing surrounds all marketing efforts that are revolved around electronic devices or the internet, and businesses are focussing on taking advantage of search engines, social media, email, and other websites to attract new, recurring, and potential customers.

So, where do people begin and create a digital marketing plan? Many business owners may understand the importance of digital and mobile channels when it comes to pulling in new and constantly attracting returning patrons.

However, they may not have a proper plan to expand and engage with their targeted audiences effectively. These are 10 common reasons why digital marketing fails in Malaysia.


1. Lack of Direction

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Business companies lacking a digital strategy do not have a clear and strategic goal for what they want to achieve online such as earning new customers or expanding contacts and relationships with partners. 

Those who do not have goals with smart and properly executed digital marketing objectives are most likely due to insufficient resources invested to reach their goals. Not evaluating the analytics contributes to the factor as well.


2. Not Understanding The Base Audience or Market Share

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Customer's demands in online services may be easily miscalculated if there is an improper or lack of research. The dynamics are vastly different compared to traditional channels that are filled with different types of customer profile and behavior, competitors, propositions, and options for marketing communications.

There are several useful tools readily available from main digital platforms to research various bases of customer demand. 

It is recommended to do a search gap analysis by using Google’s Keyword Planner and study the methods of attracting customers to the intended websites or learn how many people are interested in specific products or services.


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3. Start-up and Existing Competitors Performing Better

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Insufficient resources invested in digital marketing or impromptu approaches with improper planning and no clearly defined strategies will cause competitors to overtake and destroy one’s businesses.


4. Not Having A Powerful Online Value Proposition

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An established online customer value proposition adjusted to your different target of customer personas will aid in differentiating online services, encouraging new and returning customers to engage and stay loyal. 

Developing a competitive content marketing strategy is the main objective for many organizations since the content is what engages internet users through different channels like search, social, email marketing, and blog.


5. Not Understanding Online Customers Well Enough

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It is a common saying that digital is the “most measurable medium ever”; however, Google Analytics and other similar programs will only reveal the volume of visits and not their feedback. 

It is highly recommended to use other forms of website user feedback tools to study, identify, and reveal missing spots and potentials, which can be used to boost certain figures.

6. Being Disconnected

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It is highly common for digital marketers to complete their activities in isolation whether that’s a specist, IT, or a third party digital agency, who will package digital marketing easily into a convenient chunk. That is an issue and results in being less effective. 

Mostly everyone can agree that digital media work is best paired with traditional media and response channels. It is always recommended to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy.


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7. Lack of Staff or Budget in Digital Media

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A lack of e-marketing specialists will be a crisis when it responds to competitive threats effectively as insufficient resources are devoted to both planning and executing e-marketing.


8. Wasting Money and Time Through Duplication

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Even with sufficient resources, they may be inefficient and wasted. This is highly possible in larger and more complex companies with different marketing teams or different agencies performing similar online marketing tasks.


9. Not Being Able To Adapt And Stay Ahead

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Top online brands are good examples to take note of. Google and Amazon are two prime examples that can be learned. They as a company are dynamic who have the knowledge, finance, and will to try new approaches and gain new customers while retaining loyal and returning ones.


10. Not Bothering With Optimizations

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All companies have access to analytics. However, it is common that proper reviews and actions are not executed while some are simply forgotten. 

Mind you, Facebook analytics was recently found not to be accurate A proper strategy and execution will allow you to achieve the basics and progress to the continuous improvement of the key aspects like search marketing, site user experience, e-mail, social media marketing, and more.




Proper strategic plans constructed thoroughly can easily prevent what was mentioned in the list above. There are countless benefits when it comes to creating digital strategies and transforming your marketing to attract more clients.

Plenty of businesses has already adopted digital marketing and fully utilize them to their advantage in digital marketing with many tips and tricks already revealed to the public.

If you have just recently started to use Facebook as a medium to conduct your businesses, then consider reading this beginner's guide.


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