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What Is Social Media Marketing ?

Social media marketing
refers to the creation of specific messages or content on social network services (including Facebook, Blog, Youtube, Twitter and other social network service) in order achieve marketing purposes to attract consumers attention and attract online users and encourage netizens to spread these marketing content through their personal social networks, thereby enhancing the marketing strategy of customer relationship and satisfaction.

Social media marketing is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, there are many other types, and these social software are just a part of social media marketing. For example, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Vimeo all this is considered Social Media Marketing.

The most powerful social media strategy I’ve seen is connecting with people who share blog posts within your space. For example, I use Twitter’s search to see who shares competing articles, I then network with those individuals and ask them to share my content.


Social Media Marketing Malaysia


Why Social Media Is Important For Business Marketing?

      • Increase Brand Awareness

        Social media is one of the most stress-free and profitable digital marketing platforms that can be used to increase your business visibility. By using social media strategies, it will help you significantly increase your brand recognition. By spending only a few hours a week, more than 89% of marketers claim that their social marketing efforts have greatly improved their brand awareness and user experience. There is no doubt that building a social media page for your brand will benefit your business and use it frequently. It can also generate a wide audience for your business in a short period of time.

      • Not Restricted By Region Anymore

        The audience is wide and the variety is rich. Customers of any age and region are constantly joining the Internet community.

      • Relatively low cost compared to traditional sales model

        The traditional sales model is replaced by online sales (web customer service, telephone customer service, etc). Compared with traditional media promotion,the cost of Social Media Marketing is relatively low.

      • Highly interactive

        Breaking through the traditional passive acceptance of information and needs by customers, and transforming into some customer groups actively seeking information and needs, customers can directly participate in the company's interaction.

      • Target users are accurate

        In the face of a huge user group, we do not catch it all at once, and use network marketing to combine the characteristics of the company to locate more accurate groups, which is conducive to the development of new market channels.


Social Media Marketing Trend Malaysia Photo credit to Hootsuite

How To Make Social Media Marketing Effectively?

For many companies, social media platforms such as Facebook, IG, and Twitter are already essential items for corporate marketing. However, the survey shows that most companies do not have a clear social media marketing strategy, and precise marketing is impossible to talk about. 

        • First of all, companies should understand their positioning and target groups. Different social platforms have different user group characteristics. The first step for companies is to judge and choose the social platform suitable for the company based on their own positioning and customer group characteristics. Where are the customer groups , Where the business should be.


        • Social media marketing is not as simple as imagined. Setting up an account and sending news is far from enough. From the establishment of account matrix, content planning, interactive feedback mechanism and crisis public relations, enterprises need to conduct detailed analysis and planning. Establishing a comprehensive marketing strategy and maintaining it for a long time will definitely bring value to the enterprise.


        • In addition, real-time monitoring and regular data analysis are essential. Enterprises need to have a set of monitoring mechanisms to serve, find the issues of concern and related persons. Which customers mentioned themselves on social networks? How do they evaluate the brand? Who are most concerned about themselves, do they have consumption needs? Companies need to find these content and give back.


        • You must create a content strategy and distribution plan before starting posts on your company’s social media accounts. Without a definite direction, you’ll be distracted. A clear definition of your desired state is going to allow you to use gap analysis to create a laser-focused action plan that is going to take you to your destination.


        • Social media is for conversations, engaging your audience on this channel can help you to build a community of fans for your brand. It can also help create fruitful relationships with your customers. First, you need to post interesting content that encourages people to take an action. It could be a Twitter poll, a funny graphic, a video, or a product photo that encourages your audience to tag their friends.


        • It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re, startups always look for a cost-effective social media marketing strategy. We live in the fast food world where people need everything instant. Facebook live is a great medium to produce instant content. You must include live video in your content plan.


        • You need to pay special attention to their content marketing strategy. Find out whether they’re creating their own content or sharing the posts from other industry-relevant blogs and websites. What type of content they most commonly share? Do they focus on the good old articles or they resort to more engaging types of content?


      Social Media Marketing is powerfulPhoto credit to Hootsuite

      When You Need To Start Social Media Marketing?

      Social media can be your secret weapon to increase brand awareness and lead generation for your startup. The best part? It’s cost-effective mean of marketing. It’s not a channel that you should use, it has become a channel that you must use. It’s the most popular and effective medium to connect with your target audience and get your brand in front of them.

      Social media marketing has many benefits & powerful for the business development of enterprises, especially start-ups. By regularly updating social media content, it will improve your brand's search engine optimisation performance, increase traffic, meet customer needs, and increase brand loyalty. This trend is increasing every day, so don't let your competitors take the lead. The earlier you start, the more benefits you will get.

      Start Up Social Media Marketing

      Who Can Help You Manage Social Media On Behalf?

      Find it difficult to start? So, to help you get started, many digital marketing companies have implemented a dynamic digital marketing strategy that increased company ROI and added value to customers. iPrima Media, one of the companies doing digital marketing—they are creating experiences and content that captivate their audiences and bring outstanding brand awareness. Of course if you have enough manpower or are able to manage your social media platform, it is unnecessary to hire someone to manage on behalf.

      Digital marketing for startups is crucial today and many startups have failed due to the absence of an effective social media strategy. If you’d like to know how to use social media marketing for startups, we’d like to help. The use of social media in digital marketing plays a vital role, hence, we created a list of the best social media marketing tips for startups which can help you make social media a dependable channel of marketing for your business.


    • Conclusion

      Social Media can be an excellent way for startups to reach out to their target audience. Without spending a lot of money, you can boost your brand awareness and connect with your audience on social media. 

      The key to creating an effective social media strategy is to understand your audience’s preferences, behaviours, and needs. Add in some creativity and innovation for content creation, and you have everything you need to create buzz on social media.

      In today’s hyperconnected world, social networks have become an integral part of every successful digital marketing campaign. Having reached more than 2.8 billion active users, they have become a key to raising brand awareness, distributing interactive content, generating leads and boosting customer conversion rates. This is especially important for startups that are operating with small budgets, in an overcrowded entrepreneurial market.

      Put simply, to set yourself apart from your competitors you need to integrate social media marketing into your overall digital marketing campaign.Unsurprisingly, integrating social media marketing with the digital marketing campaign allows startups to reach broader audiences, promote their brand effectively and deliver personalized and real-time customer experience. As a result, they will generate higher revenue and better conversion rates. Hopefully, with these strategies, you will set yourself apart from the hectic startup landscape and nudge your business in the right direction.


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