Digital Branding. Creating Value For Your Clients : “The Premise”

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Digital Branding, The Premise: Why You?

“The Premise”. The contextual significance of your product and/or services that you are/can offer AND what you will receive in return for those services. The “current circumstances” surrounding you and your audience that would make YOUR products/services stand out from the competition.

Think of the lone lawman of the good American Ol’ West – them folk would literally BEG for his services. Yup, the American Ol’ West was the perfect premise for his services. WARNING: However, as “The Premise” changed over time, his services ultimately declined to the point of being the subject of ridicule. Interesting tidbit: The real “Lone Ranger” was not what popular knowledge says he was…

So how do you establish your understanding of “The Premise”? First, step back, take in the world in the chaos of the world in its entirety: is there anything that “You” can do to set “You” yourself apart from the rest and make “You” truly indispensable? Start by asking these 4 simple questions:

  1. What makes you different from the rest?
  2. How is your solution different?
  3. What’s the outcome can they expect from engaging you?
  4. What’s the life-time value (LTV) of your client?
This piece is part three of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”, which covers the three core layers of marketing.
A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.
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