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Whether it is a music video, online commercial, social media video, or Youtube educational video, you can find all your video production needs here. Our video production team is experienced in planning, directing, and shooting videos that can help you to achieve your marketing purposes. Let us makes your business goes viral.


How Does Video Marketing Help Your Business?

79% of marketers who are not utilizing videos to promote to do so are planning to do so. Why is video marketing so effective? With the rise of Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok video has become the dominant form of communication today. Video is the best tool to increase engagement across all social platforms.

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iPrima Media’s Guide to Video Marketing

Video Editor From Iprima Media

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing utilizes videos to promote products or services. Video generally drives more engagement than text or image-based posts.

What are the types of marketing videos?

Creative Video Button

Explainer Video explains a product, a service, or
a concept.

Video Infographic

Infographic educates your audience and shows your potential customers that you’re an expert in your field.


Launch Video hypes up the discounts, products, and services that you are offering.

Video Production

Interviews, social proof or testimonial video shows your existing customers’ recommendations and experiences with you.

Video Production

Videos ads are a series of videos that are used for increasing awareness and conversion.

Why video marketing is important for every business?

  1. 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service.
  2. Having a video for your landing page increases your conversion rate by 80%.
  3. Facebook executive claims that Facebook will be a 100% video platform.
  4. Video is a must-have for your marketing campaign.
Video Production


How Do We Create Viral Videos for Your Business?

We provide one-stop video production services.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Our video production team aligns the video marketing effort with your company’s existing business goals and KPIs.

We analyze your expected budget, the types of videos, social media platforms, and the goals to measure the success of the video marketing efforts before we start our video production process.

Video Production


Reasons We Are The Preferred Video Production Team For Businesses

Video Production

Effective Video Script

Before we write the video script, we ensure that all members of the team understand the main message, your brand identity, and the main objectives of the video.

Professional Video Shooting

Our video production team has produced hundreds of marketing videos. We understand how to set up the lighting, set up the microphone, edit videos, and compress videos for distribution so that your videos have a professional look that builds your company’s credibility.

Video Production
Video Production

Distributing Your Videos Like a Pro

The same video performs differently when it is distributed on different platforms. Distributing your videos to the right place can get your videos seen.


Video Production



Articles on Video Marketing

Our video production experts write video marketing articles about trending questions and topics on video marketing. You can read the latest articles below or contact us to know more about video marketing.


Do you have a marketing project in mind, that you feel our approach would work well for? Talk to us.

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