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Words are powerful. Well-trained copywriters are hard to find. We aim to help businesses to share their messages with their customers. iPrima Media’s copywriters use words to motivate your customers to make purchases, click on a link, or schedule a consultation.


How Does A Copywriting Agency Help Your Business?

A good copy is a salesman that works 24/7 for you. It shows the readers the unique points of products or services, tells the brand story, and generates leads and conversions.

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iPrima Media’s Guide to Copywriting

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What is Copywriting?

Marketers use words to get people to take action. The job of a copywriter is to shift the perspective of the reader to make them care about your brand story, products, and services.

Copywriting agency vs In-house Copywriters

67% of businesses use outside help to create online content. In other words, most businesses hire external copywriters. Hiring a copywriting agency helps a business to focus on the core area of the business, such as improvising products and services.

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Types of Copywriting

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Content Marketing such as blog posts, article pages, news releases, landing pages video scripts, social media posts, or product pages.

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Ad Copywriting. An Ad Copy aims to influence the readers to take a specific action such as subscribing to the email list, downloading a white paper, or purchasing a product.

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SEO copywriting. SEO copywriters write content that is optimized for search engines. The content helps to improve your webpage ranking on the search result page


How Do We Create a
Good Copywriting

The first step of our copywriting project is to understand fully what your business is about. Next, we seek to understand your customers inside out. We use words to show how your customers can benefit from your products or services.

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ReasonsWe Are The Preferred Copywriting Team For Businesses

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Our Words Work

It takes a powerful combination of words to convince readers. iPrima Media has a team of expert copywriters who have devoted efforts to copywriting that can help clients to improve sales performance.

Our Words Captivate

Website design and colorful images are important, but let’s not forget how equally powerful content can be. Our copywriters help your business to stand out in the overcrowded internet space.

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Our Words Win Hearts

Not only do we want to write captivating content, but we also want to transform readers into loyal customers. Our experts use written content to showcase your brand’s voice and your brand story. It helps you to build a loyal audience who keep coming back to learn about your business.

In-depth SEO Analysis

We have the latest SEO analysis tools. Our priority is to ensure that your website outranks your competitors. Based on the data received, our SEO team will develop a personalized plan to utilize the right keyword for your business.

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Articles on Copywriting

Our copywriting experts write copywriting-related articles about trending questions and topics on copywriting. You can read the latest articles below or contact us to know more about copywriting.


Do you have a marketing project in mind, that you feel our approach would work well for? We're always happy to discuss your project with you and put together a proposal, just give us a call to get started. 

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