Digital Branding, The Harvest: Turning Followers into Paying Customers.

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You reap what you sow, and this truth is evident when it’s time to turn loyal followers into paying customers.

With so many people spending more and more time on social media and the internet, digital branding has become more relevant than ever before. While it traditionally took big and expensive events and mad organizational and logistical skills to pull off a great party with the objective of getting a tally of the number of followers you had (which even isn’t precise due to geographical/physical space limitations and all), all you need with digital branding is some organizational skill, creativity and a computer.

Just like a party there’re bound to be freeloaders or lost souls who had found you by chance, but in cyberspace it is far easier to restrict these buggers from siphoning off more resources than you’d like. Or at least you wouldn’t have to physically remove them from the premises for taking up valuable space (online servers have indefinitely more room than physical premises usually do). Hooray for the virtual party!

Generally, the level of receptiveness is determined by how well you’ve performed all the other steps preceding this AND the message you give them at this point. Anyway, if you’re ready to move on then take some time to ask yourself questions like the ones below:

  1. What platforms can you use to keep in touch with your tribe?
  2. What value can you reward them with simply by being in your tribe?
  3. What are the benefits that will be reinforced in your harvesting message?
  4. What’s the call-to-action?
  5. What risks and/or frictions can you remove to get them to commit or decide?
This piece is part eight of a 9-part series taken from our proprietary Digital Branding program, “The Digital Branding Grid”, which covers the three core layers of marketing.
A) Creating Value.
B) Building Relationship.
C) Delivering The Solution.
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