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Grow Your Travel Agency Business With 5 Digital Marketing Plans

Tourism is one of the hardest-hit industries because of the pandemic outbreak, but this won't stop the travel agency from growing as there is much potential for them. Many industries have started to notice the importance of digital marketing during the pandemic, as it is another option for them to continue their business during the lockdown.

Every country is slowly opening its borders for tourism to enter, and travel agencies should see online growth as an excellent opportunity to secure the future. If you have yet to learn about digital marketing, you may struggle to develop a digital marketing plan for your travel agency business.

Here are some strategies to incorporate into your travel agency business digital marketing plan. The proper usage in the right context within the various online platforms should work effectively for your travel agency and help grow your business.


Importance of Digital Marketing Plan For Travel Agency

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With so many competitors in the industry, travel agencies are one of the most affected businesses by digital development. Travel agencies should use digital marketing techniques to engage clients and ensure they have the best possible getaways.

Travel agencies are always looking for unique ways to reach out to their clients and tailor them according to their target audience. They will need to perform well and gain competitive benefits to stand out.

With all the technologies we have today, such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, we can easily access all kinds of information in the travel industry. From accommodation to food and activities, having an effective digital marketing plan is the fastest way to reach out to your audience at a lower cost.

There are many different digital marketing channels in the market, and more and more customers are being served online through tablet devices and smartphones, especially youngsters. With an effective digital marketing plan, it can go viral in the digital world.




Travel Agency Digital Marketing Plan #1 – Website Design

Travel Agency

You won't be in your shop 24/7, but your website can help to market your travel agency 24/7. Having a website is the prime mover of digital marketing for your travel agency. It can help travellers to reach their destination through your travel agency. To retain your target audience's attention, you will need a website that has attractive designs and content.

You have to build your website with well-written content with appealing images, and attention-grabbing designs to get visitors to engage with your website. Who likes boring content? So ensure that your website has a unique design and creative content. Besides that, it should be SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and responsive.

Here are some tips that you can include in your website if you have no idea what to put.

  • High-quality (HD) images, videos, and infographics.

  • Highlights of the attractions for tours that you are bringing.

  • Maps and guides.

  • Accommodations listings (homestay, hotel, resorts, etc.)

  • Information about transportation and itinerary (Airport, Public transport, cabs)

  • Blogs and Articles (travel tips, destination introduction, and local dialect)




Travel Agency Digital Marketing Plan #2 – Search Engine Optimization

Travel Agency

SEO is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. With the convenience of technology, travellers can search for their next holiday anywhere and anytime. Your travel agency will need to stand out and be found fast. SEO should be a continuous and lifelong process. It makes its way with organic search, and with an effective SEO strategy, you get to rank at the top in search results.

Using the right keywords is the most important thing in this strategy. Optimize your website content on-site and off-site with the right keyword to increase traffic and attract new customers. Doing a regular SEO audit can increase traffic to your website.




Travel Agency Digital Marketing Plan #3 – Social Media Marketing

Travel Agency

Social media is the trend now. Youngsters are now active on social media and peaking with many millions joining them every minute across the world. From Facebook to Twitter and now TikTok, social media is one medium your travel agency should be active on.

Images of travel destinations are the key players in the travel agency business. You can create social media account on the platform that suits your need and makes stories. Post photos and articles regularly and use different hashtags for different posts. All these social media platforms will give you more engagement for your post through likes, shares, and comments.




Travel Agency Digital Marketing Plan #4 – Email Marketing

Travel Agency

In the travel industry, you will have repeat customers most of the time, and word of mouth helps you get new customers. Having email marketing as part of your digital marketing is an effective way to reach more audiences. A newsletter for your travel agency allows you to expand your database and encourage others to subscribe, as it can be used as a promotional tool.

You can automate sending emails and newsletters to your audience through technologies such as Mailchimp and Drip. The more responsive your newsletter has, the more engaged your clients will be. Create a simple subscribe and unsubscribe option for your customers to use. Adopt the right tool based on your need, and you will be ready to generate more sales. It is easier to manage and make direct contact with your customers.




Travel Agency Digital Marketing Plan #5 – Get Reviewed

Travel Agency

People usually go through the reviews and ratings of a travel agency before contacting them. Ensure you provide excellent service to your customers and ask them to leave a review of their travel media on your website or social media page. If possible, get them to provide through visual media as it is more persuasive

Reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools nowadays. You just need to ensure that your travel agency receives positive reviews. The best time to ask your customers to provide a review is the first 24 hours after the trip, as they still have fresh memories regarding the trip and will provide more positive reviews.



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