5 Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing

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Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing


With the advanced technology nowadays, there are many kinds of marketing which we can use. The two main types of marketing are traditional marketing and digital marketing.

Marketing is important in our business, especially in this pandemic, you will need to deal with more marketing strategies to improve your business. With all the different options of marketing that we have, you may be confused with the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing. You may think that both kinds of marketing are the same, but don't be mistaken.

Traditional marketing and digital marketing are two different types of strategy, so we shall brief what's different between traditional and digital marketing.

Definition of Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing


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So what is traditional marketing? Traditional marketing uses platforms, channels, and techniques that are only involved in one-way communication instead of a two-way flow to market the goods and services. It uses different forms of advertising that are easier to recognizable. But this type of marketing will be more expensive.

Tradition marketing reaches customers through offline advertising, such as newspapers, magazines, television, banners, and posters.

The main concern of traditional marketing is to reach out to a wide range of audiences and compete by numbers. The more people watch the advertisement, the higher you will get attracted to it.

While digital marketing uses any marketing methods conducted through an electronic device. Using digital marketing, a business will reach out to the customer through websites, search engines, blogs, social media, and similar channels.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing provides two-way communication between the business and customers. Digital marketing takes advantage of this reality by promoting the business through the internet. The business can reach customers by targeting them where they spend their time most.

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Difference Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing


1. Marketing Medium


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The biggest difference between traditional marketing & digital marketing will be the marketing channel. They use a different type of marketing channel to reach their customers.

As in the past, technology is not as advanced as now. Traditional marketing uses methods such as printing to reach consumers. A good front cover of a magazine or an emotional advertisement on television are examples of traditional marketing.

Digital marketing uses digital media for marketing its products. As digital media is easy to access, most consumers will get to browse the advertisement. Digital marketing is more likely to target customer that is more likely to buy their products. The ads post on the internet, or social media are specifically targeted towards them. This is because it will be based on their interests and what they have searched on their devices. It can be a clothing brand or particular restaurant that they prefer to eat in. Many people is able to access many platforms for digital marketing.

2. Marketing Cost


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Marketing cost is part of the budget that businesses will consider. Due to certain types of advertisement in traditional marketing needs an amount of material. It can be more costly. For example, flyers will need to involve in printing, paper, and postage, it will become expensive as it will need a large amount of material.  But it will be a great way for consumers to get some knowledge on a product.

Compare to traditional marketing, and digital marketing will be less costly. Digital marketing uses the social platform for advertising to their potential customers. It doesn't need paper and printing, which will save its cost. Depending on the company's marketing requirement, they can opt for paid ads if they want to.

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3. Target Audience


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Traditional marketing and digital marketing have a different kinds of audiences. When it comes to an older demographic, using traditional marketing will be more effective as an older audience may not be familiar with social media. Using advertisements such as newspaper and radio advertisements may attract older demographic. If you intend to attract an older demographic, the traditional method may be more helpful. In addition, if you are targeting a local audience, using flyers or billboards will be a good choice.

Digital marketing is more likely to reach a younger audience. Young adults tend to use their phone more frequently. They will be able to see the advertisement through social media. If you intend to go globally, digital marketing will be more helpful. Digital marketing channels are easier accessible to viewers globally and can easier attract customers.

4.Consumer Interaction


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Sometimes interaction can be important when it comes to marketing. You can adjust your advertisement in the future when you are able to see the consumer's reaction.

There will be less interaction with consumers in traditional marketing. There won't have any physical or verbal interaction between the company and the consumers. Consumers can view the content in advertisements such as billboard ads and pre-recorded commercials but can't respond. You wouldn't know if it attracts them. The consumers will decide if they want to purchase after seeing the advertisement.

Digital marketing will be able to interact better with the consumers compared to traditional marketing. While viewing the company's website or social media account, consumers can immediately ask questions or comment about the product. The person in charge will be able to respond. The consumer will be more likely to engage with that brand and purchase.

5. Data Analysis


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It is important to analyze the effectiveness of the campaign used. Traditional marketing may require weeks or longer to get the result. For instance, you can't tell how many people saw a billboard ad on the road. Or if it is encouraging enough to let them buy your product.  You have to use the same advertisement for a longer period to see their analysis results. It is extremely difficult to gather data analysis for traditional marketing.

When it comes to data analysis, digital marketing gives a quick data analysis on campaigns. This will be helpful when it comes to gathering information on what is working and whether it needs adjustment. Depending on the data analytics tools you are using, you can determine which campaign the customer is more responsive to.

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