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The Top 9 eLearning LMS Platforms Available

LMS covers nearly all the major markets, such as schools, corporate, the medical industry, etc. It can be handy regarding the communication gap between the instructor and the learner. Instructors can check individuals' progress on quizzes and assessments.

But with all the LMS platforms on the market, you may need to learn how to choose from them. Let's discover the importance of LMS, get to know the LMS platform available on the market, and decide which learning management system is right for you.


What is LMS software?

Lms Platform

You will want to understand more about LMS before we know the LMS systems available in the market.

LMS is a software application for documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivering educational courses and training programs. It also includes learning and development programs. Let us get to know deeper to its core components.

  • Learning is the core of delivering the educational or training program by individuals. It is a one-stop shop for all things L&D.
  • Management is the stem of the learning program. It’s a platform that gives access to online courses and other materials. Besides that, it manages all the schedules for every individual.
  • The system helps make LMS more systematic. It is an e-platform to deliver learning programs.

Simply put, a learning management system allows you to create, roll out and manage learning and development effectively and efficiently.




LMS platforms #1 – Learn Upon

Lms Platform

Not to mention that LearnUpon is an award-winning cloud-based learning management system it focuses on the customer. The platform is set up to make it easy for admins and learners. LearnUpon accepts continuous feedback and roadmap input, allowing it to shape the platform.

The benefit of this platform includes easy-to-use, customer-centric, and world-class support. It will suit your organization if you are a medium to large enterprise that wants to maximize your growth through training employers and customers.




LMS platforms #2 – Docebo

Lms Platform

Another award-winning LMS, Docebo Learn, is a cloud-based LMS that is easy to use and configurable. Docebo uses new approaches and technologies to provide different ways for people to learn. It offers an affordable price for the monthly active user, making it an affordable option.

The feature of Docebo includes highly configurable, and it is definitely an affordable option for you. If you are a fast-growing international company looking for scale training for your customers and partners, Docebo may be a good option.




LMS platforms #3 – Knowledge Anywhere

Video Credit: Knowledge Anywhere

If you are looking for a centralized learning platform, Knowledge Anywhere meets your need and provides you with an end-to-end solution. They have experts to offer support from strategy to implementation whenever it’s needed.

Their features include world-class support and end-to-end solution, and they are also customer-centric. If you are an organization with over 50 learners, Knowledge Anywhere is an LMS platform you want to choose. Besides, it suits organizations in any industry except for formalized education institutions.




LMS platforms #4 – Totara Learn

Lms Platform

Another award-winning LMS, Totara L`earn, can adapt and extend to meet exact requirements and seamlessly integrate into technology ecosystems. You won't have to worry about the fees for Totara Learn as there won't be any expensive long-term contracts. It is an affordable and flexible option.

The feature of Totara Learn includes being extendable, adaptable, and cost-effective. It suits organizations from all sectors and all sizes, but it is popular in government, healthcare, retail, and non-profit sectors.




LMS platforms #5 – SAP Litmos

Video Credit: IT Videos

SAP Litmos Training LMS can be implemented quickly. As an award-winning LMS, SAP Litmos offers rapid automation and embedded Artificial Intelligence. It’s combined with a robust course library which helps to speed up training.

SAP Litmos LMS platform features include easy-to-roll out, simple integration, and robust off-the-shelf content. It is ideal for those organization that is large and globalized with distributed workforces.




LMS platforms #6 – Efront

Lms Platform

If you are looking for a customizable option, you would want to take advantage of Efront. It is a cloud-based corporate learning management system. It can integrate and support the most demanding and complex learning ecosystems.

Features that you don't want to miss out on from Efront are that it is secured, resilient and customizable. It is suitable for blue-chip and other growing enterprises.




LMS platforms #7 – Chamilo

Lms Platform

Are you looking for something simple and free? Chamilo is definitely your choice, as it is a free, open-source learning management system. Chamilo was developed with a vision of collaboration and ethical development. It offers users plenty of support.

Features of Chamilo include community support and ease to use. The most important is that it is free. It will suit you if you are just starting a business, as it is ideal for small organizations and NGOs.




LMS platforms #8 – Canvas

Lms Platform

If you are looking for an LMS platform for importing, building, and managing the course, Canvas is your option. Besides that, it can create customizable communications too. Since it specializes in supporting academic organizations, Canvas can create optimized educational experiences.

Why should you choose Canvas? It is mobile, secure, and, what's more, it is customizable. Canvas is an LMS platform suitable for schools and higher and further education institutions.




LMS platforms #9 – Cornerstone

Video Credit: Uichore

The best LMS for business. Cornerstone provides solutions for businesses. From HR to course content, it is a one-stop platform where you can find everything in one place. You can use it to manage different delivery methods, informal learning, and reporting. Cornerstone is definitely easy to pick up.

What can you look out for in Cornerstone? It provides a Holistic solutiohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lD14Ig0iidcn and world-class support. Suitable for large organizations with a global presence.

You must be overwhelmed with all these options. You need to choose the right LMS to maximize the benefits for your organization. So identify your key requirement and see which LMS platform you suit the most.



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