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Video Marketing in 2024: 5 Trends You Need to Master


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Video marketing has been increasingly popular in recent years, especially on social media platforms. However, it is important to note that creating a successful video campaign requires a specific purpose and a targeted approach.

While predictions about video traffic suggest continued dominance, staying ahead of the curve in video marketing requires consulting the latest statistics from reliable sources. This ensures you have a truly accurate picture of video consumption habits and preferences in 2024, allowing you to tailor your video marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Vidoe Marketing Trend 2024 Iprima Media


photo credit: https://www.marketingcharts.com/business-of-marketing/agency-business-232019


With its captivating combination of auditory and visual elements, video continues to reign supreme as the most effective medium for conveying information, easily surpassing other forms of visual content. Its unparalleled ability to engage and educate audiences has solidified it as the go-to choice for businesses and marketers.


According to a groundbreaking study conducted by Wyzowl in early 2024, which surveyed 2,500 marketing professionals and online consumers:


  • An astounding 98% of businesses now leverage video as a pivotal marketing tool.
  • An overwhelming 95% of marketers consider video a non-negotiable component of their overall marketing strategy.
  • 92% of marketers reported a positive ROI from their video initiatives.
  • 80% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through a concise video, underlining the crucial role of video content in shaping purchasing decisions



The immense number of people who consume and share videos within their networks is a testament to the unrivaled potential of video marketing. However, as the volume of videos released daily continues to skyrocket, the challenge of creating content that stands out and captures consumers' attention in an oversaturated digital landscape has intensified.


  • The Wyzowl study revealed that 93% of marketers believe that making a lasting impact with video has become increasingly difficult due to market saturation.


To thrive in this fiercely competitive environment, video production must be:

  • Cutting-edge
  • Captivating
  • Of uncompromising quality


Marketers must prioritize the creation of:

  • Visually stunning videos
  • Informative content
  • Emotionally resonant stories that resonate deeply with their target audience's preferences and needs


By doing so, they can maximize the impact of their video marketing efforts and achieve unparalleled success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.








Stock Video Market 2024: Trends And Analysis | 2031


Video Marketing Industry Report: Key Insights and Projections for Business Growth

Video has emerged as the dominant content marketing medium in our digital age, capturing attention and delivering messages with unparalleled engagement. The Video Marketing Industry Report provides an insightful overview of the key trends, market size, growth projections and top players shaping this dynamic space.


Key Takeaways:

  • Global video marketing industry projected to experience substantial growth
  • Segmentation analyzed by application and type
  • Regional breakdown: North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe
  • Partnerships, mergers, collaborations driving industry forward
  • Market size and growth forecast to inform strategic decisions
  • Analysis of top players and their winning approaches


According to the report, the global video marketing industry (referred to as CAGR Value in the image) is projected to experience substantial growth in the coming years, creating exciting opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and captivate audiences. The anticipation of a considerable growth rate during the forecast period highlights video's increasingly central role in marketing strategies.

Segmentation of this rapidly expanding market is analyzed by application and type, allowing a nuanced understanding of how video is leveraged across different domains and formats. This granular perspective empowers marketers to identify the most effective approaches for their specific niches and target audiences.


On a regional level, the report breaks down the video marketing landscape into:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe


This geographical analysis underscores the global nature of video's ascendancy and the importance for businesses to tailor their video strategies to the unique preferences and behaviors of each market.

Partnerships, mergers, new collaborations, product launches and acquisitions are identified as key industry developments propelling the video marketing space forward. As major players jockey for position and innovate to capture market share, staying attuned to these shifts will be crucial for businesses aiming to remain competitive.


The report sizes the current video marketing market and projects its growth trajectory into the near future. This data-driven forecast arms organizations with the insights needed to make informed decisions about investments in video creation, distribution and optimization.


Furthermore, the report provides an extensive analysis of top key players and their prominent strategic approaches. Understanding industry leaders' moves and successful tactics can spark inspiration and help guide businesses' video marketing efforts.

In our increasingly video-first world, leveraging this powerful medium has become an indispensable part of effective marketing.


The Video Marketing Industry Report equips business leaders and marketers with the knowledge and foresight to harness video's potential, craft impactful strategies, and achieve their growth objectives.


By staying abreast of video marketing trends and best practices, organizations can captivate audiences, build brand affinity, and drive measurable results in the digital age.



“Is Your Marketing Ready for 2024?
Discover the Power of Video”


Video Marketing Trends For 2024: What You Need To Know | Mention

image credit: https://mention.com/en/blog/video-marketing-trends/


Video marketing is an engaging strategy businesses use to promote their products or services online, utilizing dynamic and versatile video content. Below are key aspects that outline the importance and benefits of incorporating video marketing into a business's promotional efforts:


  • Enhances Online Presence:

    • Videos improve a business's visibility on the internet and social media platforms.
    • Sharing engaging content increases engagement levels and builds a strong online community.


  • Versatile Content Delivery:

    • Businesses can use videos for a wide range of content, from product showcases to educational how-tos.
    • This versatility allows companies to cater to the diverse interests of their audience.


  • How-to Guides:

    • Instructional videos can solve common problems or answer frequently asked questions, positioning the brand as a reliable information source.


  • Live Event Coverage:

    • Sharing live events, product launches, and behind-the-scenes looks engages viewers and offers an exclusive glimpse into the company culture.


  • Viral Video Potential:

    • Creating content with the potential to go viral can significantly boost a brand's visibility and reach across social networks.
    • Viral videos can draw vast amounts of attention, ultimately benefiting the business.


  • Customer Testimonials:

    • Featuring real customers sharing their positive experiences adds credibility to the brand.
    • Testimonials build trust among prospective customers, showcasing the benefits and satisfaction derived from the company's offerings.


Overall, video marketing serves as a powerful tool for businesses looking to promote their products or services, connect with their audience, and enhance their social media engagement. Employing a strategic mix of instructional content, live event coverage, viral potential, and customer testimonials can drive a brand's success and foster a closer connection with its target market.




Image Credit: HKESE

Video marketing has transcended traditional platforms like YouTube, branching into various digital spaces where visual content plays a vital role in consumer engagement.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google, along with commercial web pages and landing pages, now all serve as pivotal platforms for embedding marketing videos. The landscape of digital consumption has undergone a significant transformation, with video content now at the forefront of this evolution.


Key Insights and Statistics for 2024:


  • Expanding Video Consumption:

    • There has been a remarkable surge in video data consumption over the past decade. This dramatic incline is attributed to the proliferation of smartphones and improved internet speeds globally, making video content more accessible to a wider audience.
    • According to a report by Cisco, by 2024, video traffic will constitute over 82% of all consumer internet traffic, underlining the growing preference for video over other types of content.


  • Diverse Platforms for Marketing Videos:

    • Beyond YouTube, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Google have become vital for hosting marketing videos. These platforms cater to a broad demographic, making them ideal for targeted marketing strategies.
    • Commercial web pages and landing pages increasingly incorporate video content to captivate visitors' attention, reducing bounce rates, and improving conversion metrics.


  • Consumer Preference and Engagement:

    • A new report from HubSpot highlights that more than 50% of consumers prefer to watch videos from their favorite brands, demonstrating a clear preference for video over other types of content.
    • Consumers report that video content can help them make informed purchasing decisions 90% of the time, indicating the significant impact of video on consumer behavior.


  • Brand Awareness and Consumer Loyalty:

    • Video content is not just about increasing immediate sales; it plays a crucial role in building brand awareness and fostering long-term consumer loyalty.
    • For instance, a study by Wyzowl in 2024 revealed that 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.


  • Video Marketing ROI:

    • The return on investment (ROI) for video marketing remains robust. According to a survey conducted by Animoto, 88% of video marketers reported that video marketing provides them with a positive ROI, a noteworthy increase from previous years.
    • This positive ROI is attributed to better conversion rates, more engagement on social media platforms, and increased organic search traffic.


  • Emerging Trends in Video Marketing:

    • Personalized video messages have become a significant trend, allowing brands to connect with their audience on a more personal level, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
    • Another emerging trend is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in videos, offering immersive experiences that significantly enhance user engagement and stand out in a crowded content landscape.


The continued evolution of video marketing underscores its critical role in modern digital strategies. With consumer preferences strongly leaning towards video content and the proven effectiveness of videos in driving engagement and sales, businesses are encouraged to adopt and innovate in their video marketing efforts.

Leveraging the latest trends, such as personalized content and immersive AR/VR experiences, can further enhance the impact of these campaigns.

As we move forward, the integration of video marketing across diverse platforms and its role in shaping consumer decisions will continue to grow, emphasizing the need for businesses to stay ahead in the digital curve.






Popular Video Marketing Styles to Master in 2024


Image Credit: Wave.video


There are several types of marketing video, these include:

  • Animated video
  • Behind-the-scenes look
  • Brand film
  • Actor research and customer recommendation videos
  • Demo video
  • Educational and operational videos
  • Event video
  • Expert video
  • Interview
  • Live video
  • Product reviews
  • Webinar


Creating a video can be challenging, especially if a company lacks the necessary manpower or equipment. In such cases, outsourcing to video marketing companies can be a viable solution. These companies can provide video marketing planning services to ensure a successful outcome.


Video Marketing Strategy in 2024: What Works Now?


Image Credit: affde


A video marketing strategy is a plan created by the marketing team to use video content to promote your product or service to your target audience. The primary goal of this strategy is to help your audience easily connect with your brand through engaging video content. 


Video marketing strategies are tailored to help businesses achieve their specific goals by creating videos that align with their objectives. To develop a successful video marketing strategy, you should follow these steps:


1. Allocate resources: Identify the budget needed for creating the video, including the necessary equipment, editing software, time, and marketing experts.


2. Tell your stories: Find out which stories resonate most with your customers and determine how to deliver them effectively.


3. Engage: Simply telling your story is not enough. You must find ways to make it interesting and engaging for your target audience.


4. Keep it short: While there is no perfect length for a marketing video, shorter videos tend to be more effective. Remove irrelevant information to keep your viewers engaged.


5. Publish: Publish your video on all relevant platforms, including your website, blog, YouTube, and social media channels. Then, focus on promoting it.


6. Analysis: Track metrics and statistics regularly to analyze the performance of each video and refine your strategy accordingly.






5 Video Marketing Trends You MUST Master in 2024


Video Marketing Trend 1: “Everything can be captured on video.”


Image Credit: The Statesman



Marshall McClure famously said “Media Is Message” to emphasize how crucial communication media are in shaping human society.

It's not so much the “message” or the content of communication that's valuable, but rather the nature of the communication tools of our time, the opportunities they create, and the social changes they induce.

Currently, we're in the “era of video socialization,” where video has become the primary means of communication. The rising influence of video is making it possible for everything to be conveyed through this medium.

Vidyard highlights that in the upcoming years, if your team and individuals can't produce video content as effortlessly as a PowerPoint presentation or an EDM marketing email, you might miss out on the vast opportunities that video presents.

There's a continuous need for video content such as investment pitches, webinars, customer testimonials, and thought leadership throughout the customer buying journey. Recently, there has been a significant trend of the increasing integration of video content on websites, social media, and other digital channels.



Video Marketing Trend #2:  5G technology to accelerate live broadcasts.


Image Credit: SCALABLE Network Technologies

Due to the impact of the epidemic, live streaming was highlighted last year, with rapid expansion and an obvious trend of nationwide development. It will continue to develop in the future.

At the same time, 5G, with its high bandwidth and low latency, will simultaneously realize the high-speed mobility and real-time playback of UHD video, and the development potential of live broadcasting as a “content carrier” will be further released.

Livestreaming is especially popular with businesses. Through live broadcasting, enterprises can spread the stories behind the brand, such as office life, product production process, company activities, etc. Broadcast interviews to strengthen interaction with consumers; Or launch a product, demonstrate a product, reach a wide audience.






Video Marketing Trend 3: Interactive video experience is the new direction of the future

VideoImage Credit: vyond

Interactive video changes the linear narrative arc by letting viewers take the story where they want to go.

Interactive video can take an infinite number of forms. You can give viewers quizzes, controlled viewing angles, gamified content, clickable menus, and interactive storylines that let them choose their own adventures. Interactive video connects users in a novel way and leads to a brand new audio-visual experience.

In addition, interactive video can help video marketing by CTA, filling in forms, links, polls and other elements to better serve enterprises.

Currently, interactive video is primarily used for educational content. We are also seeing an increasing number of Shoppable Videos where embedded links can be used to purchase specific products directly, effectively shortening customer trips and becoming a win for brands and users. The format is expected to become popular in advertising as well.



Video Marketing Trend 4: Follow the trend of animation and inspire new ideas in video

From the perspective of video production, there are various new animation trends and ideas are emerging, injecting new vitality into the video. For example,


(1) Liquid motion


Image Credit: Youtube


Liquid and morphing motion elements create dreamlike and surreal visuals that work well for looping animations and short video ads that catch the user's eye.


(2) Thin line animation


Image Credit: Yans Media

Flat designs have caught the eye in recent years, while thin lines have gained popularity by drawing attention to shapes and images on the screen. With engrossing scripts and voiceovers, thin line animated videos can be used in marketing, training and e-learning or social media videos.



(3) Animated characters


Image Credit: Jagran Josh


More and more video using animation as the leading role, this is full of serious news and commentary in the digital world is a good change, in the form of more attractive and exaggerated animation, attract the attention of the user.

At the same time, the lovely cartoon images, can be used as a brand to convey humor and emotional way, establish more intimate contact with the audience. It is widely used in advertising and marketing videos, as well as videos such as e-learning and educational resources.



(4) “Silent” video


Image Credit: Newsfeed

Though silent videos are considered out of date, they're making a comeback on social media. But the reason silent video has become so popular in the first place is convenience.

Up to 85% of Facebook videos play without sound. In addition, users watched videos with subtitles 12 percent longer than videos without subtitles.






Video Marketing Trend 5: Focus on SEO to enhance video accessibility and trigger video search traffic


Image Credit: Google

As search engine algorithms become smarter and more businesses realize these changes, optimizing video content will continue to be central to your video marketing strategy.

Back in 2018, Google added “Featured Videos” cards to its search engine results, which directly appear in search results short clips of specific videos related to your search keywords.

For example, if you search for “Video Trends,” you might see videos that show related keywords. Imagine how much traffic you would miss if your Video didn't mention those keywords.


Video trend is one aspect, to do a good job in marketing, it is more important to combine the actual business and products, suit business scenarios, directly hit the pain points and needs of users.


We hope the above video marketing can bring you some marketing ideas.







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