Taking A Blog From 100 To 100K Pageviews/Month! (Hint: This Is Google SEO)

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Here’s how you get from 100 views a month to 100,000 pageviews a month. 

It has currently few hundreds pieces of content on the website. 

But how did they do it? 

You take the content you've created and promote that content as much as you can.


It could be paid promotion, Google Ads, Facebook ads, even promoting on Pinterest. 

But the thing with paid promotion is that you may not be able to get +ve ROI (return of investment) most of the time. 

It sucks! Really

The only way advertising really works is if it's pointing people to a really good like a high converting product. Or else sending people to your blog through that paid promotion just not not worth it.


You're trading dimes for pennies.



The next option is to use social media posting

On Facebook. Pinterest is a big one, actually, and it does work really well for some niches really well. Some people are getting more than half of their traffic just from Pinterest.

Most of us don't find that same success.

Be extremely active on Pinterest. It’s a powerful tool & It’s FREE! 

You could use other social media, Instagram, Twitter too! 

They're great for engaging with an audience, but they're not great for sending traffic to your site because social media platforms figured out several years ago that they make more money if they can keep that onto their platform so they don't want to send people away.

And if your content does that, you're content just won't show up as often in people's news feeds.

Those are really your options.


Blogger / Content Outreach Is Another Option.


Reach out to another website that's an authority in your industry and giving them a piece of content that would send related traffic over to your website.

It could be going and spending time in forums, answering questions on Quora. Those kinds of things can help to promote your content. Those are all legitimate ways to get people to your website.

They're all extremely active ways to get people to your website but there is a lot of work and usually they're not very sustainable. 

That's exactly right. 

So, like, the more content you create, the more opportunities you have to drive people to your website.

But you’ve seen how active and how much work it is to promote your content all the time. It's also a lot of work to create new content. 

Writing is one thing and some people thrive on that. Some people struggle, but usually the bigger issue is coming up with ideas of things to write about.


And they, you know, like many bloggers / writers, they really feel like they've covered everything, they've hit this writer's block. And the problem is, if they’ve only written 32 blog posts, like, there's NO guarantee that that any one of them was that one that would take off.


Yeah, that's a lot fewer chances that you have that something will stick, because like any blogger will tell you, you never really know which blogs or which posts are going to succeed.

Yeah, absolutely.

You do all the great keyword research. You get all your awesome topics. But then chances are there's going to be a few that you had no idea were had such a high search volume that do well. 

You didn't realize the competition was so high or Nobody actually search your keywords.

Exactly. NO ONE KNOWS Except Google and they won't tell us. Right? 



Sometimes they make you think that they know there are a lot of keyword tools that are doing their best. They have their own data sets and they're trying to figure it out, but they're never right.


And so you write a blog post thinking it's got high volume and sometimes it doesn't. And sometimes you write a blog post that's supposed to have 0 volume and it actually has plenty.

So you just don't know which ones are going to work and you don't know which ones are going to rank. The longer you've been doing this, the better you will get at it. 

A few years ago, Jim wrote 30 ish, about thirty three articles on a website. When he did this, he had been successfully blogging for over a decade.


OK, so the guy knew how to pick good topics and still not all of them ranked number one and not all of them brought in a lot of traffic. But with those thirty three different topics, there's thirty three different articles.

He had three opportunities with a good track record to bring people in, and that's why the website was able to earn over $4,000+ a month and sell for over $70,000+ after less than 2 years.


But that's not the case.


That is the exception, not the rule. 30 articles is not enough to succeed. In most cases, it is enough to start writing. More content is almost always the answer.




Start with general content / topic then you go into hidden topics in your niche.

Niching up can work really well. Don't pigeonhole yourself too much into too specific of a topic because you could end up having to go through a complete rebranding.

“Example instead of making a SNAKE website, you make a PET website.”

Yes. This is the one most people miss. But it's really the biggest opportunity for most of us who don't necessarily want a niche up to a really, really broad website.


So there's a few different tactics you can use to find those avenues. And when we say that, what we're talking about is like, OK, you made a website, let's say, about what we'll use this example of lawn care.

Right. And you’ve written 30 articles about how to take care of your lawn. You know, you've covered how to mow the lawn. You've covered how to kill the weeds. You've covered how to put fertilizer on the lawn. You don't really know what else to write about.


That's it. You are done. Yeah. Covered lawn care. Write 12 articles in. You are done. No, don't do that.

So let's talk about each one of these where we can find some more topics about lawn care. Let's just recover exactly how we can open up a lot more topics with Google Auto suggest.

So if you type in lawn care or. So you see that there's all these auto suggestions, right? But most of them are location specific. This doesn't really give us to. Right.

It's assuming that you are looking for someone to take care of your lawn services and stuff.

So usually what we would do is we would go like: lawn care “space” A, then B and C, and that'll bring up some interesting options. And maybe that's what you've done to find what you have so far. However, one thing that you can do is use an asterisk. This is Google's placeholder that they used.

You could put one in here at the end, lawncare Asterix and then try a B and see if Google will just fill in other words for me.


But the other option is to start asking questions.


Yeah, “how to blank my lawn”. Not blank, but Asterix like “how to fix my lawn”, “how to fix on my lawn full of weeds”, “how to fix my lawn mower”, “how to receive my lawn”, “how to level my lawn”.

What the video for full explanation!





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