Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Online Sales

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How ecommerce marketing can help you to bring more sales

Are you trying to figure out how to win the ecommerce game? Do you want to know what are the ecommerce marketing strategies to drive traffic and conversions and sales to your ecommerce site? It's nice to have a great ecommerce website, but it would be meaningless if no one come to visit.

Ecommerce tend to be the new shopping trend now. Ecommerce have provide people with convenience , time and cost saving solutions for consumer's shopping compare to brick and mortar shops.

There are hundreds of different strategies to attract more visitors to your ecommerce site.Using the correct ecommerce strategies will make sure your effort will not go in vain. It will make you stand out from the competition and bring out the best return for your sites.

The marketing strategies

So, how do you choose among the strategies ? How do you decide which marketing strategies will work best for your online store? Here are some of the tips for your guidance for boosting your store's traffic and sales.

1. Have A Marketing Plan.

Marketing is among the most important things you should consider after you build an ecommerce store. After choosing what you want to sell, you should start to think about how to drive more traffic to the site, and convert it into sales.

A marketing plan is a business road map that helps an ecommerce business move toward a designated goal. A marketing plan is the blueprint of your business which contains marketing strategies, campaigns, and more. To start a marketing plan, you need to find out who is your target customer. A marketing plan also list down your target audience's demographic including age, income range, gender, occupation and city. In the marketing plan, you can also write down your goals, tactics and activities.

Why should you create a marketing plan? This will help you communicate more effectively with your target customers. By knowing your customer base, you can run your advertising and create content base on your target audience's interest. A marketing plan keeps you and your business focused. It also provides you with measurerable goals. It helps you track your progress and how far to reach your goals .By setting specific goals like sales target and time frame can help you ensure your business is heading to the right path.

2. Have a Unique Selling Point

Ecommerce is a very competitive market. Many stores are targeting the same customers as you.So how can you stand out among the competitors? We can stand our from other competitors by stating your Unique Selling Point (USP) which you can showcase the point that differentiates your product or service from other competitor. A USP should tell customers why they should buy from you.

A USP should be:Unique, memorable, and distinguishable from anyone else,valued and appealing to your target audience,something that you can deliver consistently. You can conduct competitor research to find our your USP and also from doing market survey.

Among the USP you can offer are faster delivery, quick response time, return policy, money back guarantee, free gifts, after sales service and much more.
You can also give out attractive or irresistable offer from time to time such as birthday discounts, coupon codes or year end sale.
According to survey, most of the online customers expect free shipping. coupon code

3. Audit Your Marketing Efforts

Wether you are a new or season ecommerce store, i believe you have done some form of promotion efforts. You can start to review any traffic that you have received be it social media, email marketing or offline marketing. Each social media engagement should be analyzed. From the analysis you may find some pattern of engagement from the data. You may also track the number of website visitors per month, number of clicks on your website, number of leads in your email marketing system.These data are very useful for your
future planning and marketing effort. It can help you make better marketing decision next time.

You should also review your customers interests. Some customers tend to respond to certain topics or promotions better than others. Not all customers will buy the first few times they saw your offer. So ongoing engagement with your customers using different method is essential to convert a visitor to a customer.

4. Lead Generation Strategy

In ecommerce, a lead is someone who is interested in your products and services and shows that interest by the actions they take on your site

According to research, only 17% of visitors are ready to buy on their first visit. The others are probably still doing research on which product to buy and where to buy. This is where the importance of email marketing comes in. Email marketing helps convert visitors into email list. How do we collect an email list? We can use strategies such as a Pop Up Window. We can use a pop up windows with a one time offer for new members with discount code for new visitors to the ecomerce site. We can also offer free ebooks and newsletter to engage visitors.

You can also offer free trial of your product or services using email marketing.Once you have collected your email list, you can start to communicate with your potential customers on a weekly basis. You can organise different campaign on various holidays and celebrations to give discounts and offers to your customers via email list.

5. Connect With your customers on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with customers on social media, it's also a great tool to establish your branding too. Social media can help engage customer and build relationship with customers and create more awareness about your products and latest offer. Customers use social media to discover new products,find new offers, make enquiries, conduct research and much more.Social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest are the most popular social media that you can connect with your customers

Some customers seek entertaining content on social media. Therefore your social media strategy should revolve entertaining element such as humor and parody. Video content area a great way to bring out the message and showcase the entertaining side. You can also post more images as images help to drive social media engagement and catch attention of social media users.

The digital landscape is here to stay, making online stores the best place to sell. Ecommerce stores are going to stay for a long time.

To become successful online is a lot harder than it seems. And tons of e-commerce businesses are competing to stand out in the cyberspace.

Having a good social media marketing strategy and consistent execution and monitoring is the key to ecommerce success.

If you need to outsource your social media management, feel free to check out our social media service.

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