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Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing 5 Exclusive Reason

Have you heard of artificial intelligence programs and worried that they will replace copywriting in the future? This is not going to happen as AI cannot replace human creativity.

AI copywriting is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates copy based on a given set of information. It can generate various types of copy from long blog posts, landing pages or social media content. This type of writing is entirely computer-generated which can be used for your website.

However, for a number of reasons, these AI tools are unlikely to replace millions of creative copywriters around the world! In this article, you'll learn 5 reasons to choose copywriter over AI writing.

Reasons To Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing #1: Authenticity


Most writing bots cannot create genuine content, even though you can choose a custom tone to base your article on. While it may seem useful to get content to your website as quickly as possible, AI can’t combine anecdotes or something with human emotion, which is what copywriting is all about.

Adjusting some details for the system to read is not the same as writing something that actually makes sense to the consumer. Generic content isn’t what makes copywriting sell a product, it’s how you connect with potential buyers on a deeper level, leading to a purchase.

Imagine writing about a gorgeous vacation destination. AI will bring together often fewer interesting clichés, such as basic descriptions of water. On the other hand, copywriters will delve into deeper reasons why you might need that vacation. Copywriting makes it fun, humorous, and engages readers with creative text and inspires them about the benefits of taking a break after hustle and bustle routine.

Computer-generated writing lacks empathy and connection on a personal level, so this is unlikely to have any powerful impact on readers. Authenticity is an important part of creative copywriting, and AI content will never go beyond that, no matter how much text fills the space.


Reasons To Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing #2: Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization makes website content more easily recognized by Google, ranking higher on the first page of search results. This is important for any brand looking to increase traffic and sales to its website. A high ranking in Google helps more people reach the information they are interested in the internet, which AI software cannot do without help.

For example, keyword research is figuring out what words potential customers will type into Google, and artificial intelligence program aren't equipped to handle that complexity as the program doesn't know where to start.

In a blog or article, there are backlinks and internal links that links to your site and other sites. These links need to be researched by someone who understands SEO as link building is one of the most important factors as high-quality relevant backlinks will increase your traffic. A single-track thinking program is not smart enough to do this.

Many copywriters today have multi-faceted skills in SEO and other technical fields, so AI isn’t going to wipe out this area of ​​expertise anytime soon. If you're new and interested in learning more about optimizing your blog or website, here are some guidelines for you to learn more about SEO.


Reasons To Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing #3: Content Marketing


Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing is creating free and consistent content that works on its own to market a brand, product or company. This might include making YouTube videos, writing ebooks, scheduling social media posts, blogging, or creating free courses. AI programs can provide low-quality writing, and it can also type in incorrect information such as statistics, and content marketing requires special content, with readers constantly turning to for reliable sources or guides.

If you want to be recognized as the most knowledgeable person in your industry, AI will not be able to understand your target audience. Content marketing is more than just grouping together words related to a topic, this type of content targets a specific audience and helps your brand look more reputable, so people think your content is of the highest quality. You are the one they seek expert advice from, so if it sounds like a bot wrote the content, no one is likely to come back.

Think of a popular brand like Nintendo; its website has a blog section with countless articles on upcoming releases and gaming news; this will not only give you an insight into their updates, but also attract new customers. AI cannot market you or your brand. You need to be that brand, and the copywriting is sorely needed.


Reasons To Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing #4: Manual Editing

Editing can be a daunting process for some, and using artificial intelligence software can makes the process even more complicated. The AI ​​doesn't edit or proofread each sentence as it generates it, it just stitches together a random set of words. As a copywriter, the writing and editing process is done in one go, and using an AI system just leads to another series of steps!

AI can create sentences that don't read smoothly, or read into awkward phrases, so it looks like amateur writers have thrown words onto the page. People who seek for copywriting services will often look for work that has been proofread, refined, and critiqued, not work that looks unfinished.

For example, you can provide the AI ​​with a blog post title and outline, and it can suggest several paragraphs that can be further refined. AI draws language skills and understanding of the world from the data it “seen”. To a certain extent, it simulates the way the human brain works when it learns and processes information.


Reasons To Choose Copywriter Over AI Writing #5: Client Communication

One of the most important jobs of a copywriter is to actively communicate with clients about their needs for current projects. AI systems usually are not up to the task as not equipped which such functionality.

Often, when working for clients, copywriters ask personal questions to gain insight into their brand story. This could be when and why they started their business, what they sell, what they hope to achieve, and what is their target demographic.

AI tool only covers the basics of copywriting and cannot cover the minor details which can be crucial for a quality piece and gathering this information takes time. Unless the AI ​​in the future is smart enough to collect data on individual customers, the result will be entry-level content without the copywriter’s expertise.


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