How To Make a Marketing Video That Will Nab 500k viewers in three days.

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It wasn’t a blind effort without thought or strategy, but neither did we expect our marketing video to hit 500,000 views within a week. So, naturally, we sat down to analyse what worked and what didn’t. Here are the top 5 factors we came up with that we think made our marketing video do as well as it did..

1. Entertainment value.

Lone individuals who are willing to purchase US$300,000 worth of CDs to support their favourite AKB48 performer are hard-proof of the importance of star-power and the entertainment value they bring to their fans. This one-sided relationship is known as parasocial interaction.

Most people, young, old and everyone else in between, get onto the Internet to be entertained. Entertainment is as important to the human mind as food is to his/her biological function.

So whether it’s star-power, a good/dramatic love story, thought-provoking ideas, simple slapstick comedy or the awe-factor (think of Russian male toxicity vids of them hanging a hundred meters off the ground by their hands from metal beams) – there’s no denying how important entertainment value is in attracting the masses.

2. Good art direction.

However, no matter the star-power; bad art direction will ruin any production. Bad productions aren't enjoyable to watch and will turn viewers off. And it's certainly unflattering to be associated with such work – especially for those on-screen. There are only a handful of masochists out there who would voluntarily watch bad stuff – so we were determined to use good art direction for our production! (duh…)

There are a lot of tricks used by good videographers to make their marketing videos better. An example is the use of diegetic sound effects (sounds that represent an implied action on screen) in place of the original recording's, which might be indistinct and muffled. Re-positioning the camera or the actors in such a way that the sun isn't directly shining off their faces is another important consideration.

Aside from aesthetics, ultimately a good video should be able to communicate its story (ideas) clearly and powerfully. Small details matter, and subtleties can have a major impact on the overall presentation. Which brings us to the next section…

3. The importance of music.

Almost forgot this one. If a picture paints a thousand words then a song sings a hundred thousand. You'll probably agree with this one at some level.

There are a lot of studies regarding the effects that music has on the brain. Although the studies are still in their infancy, scientists are determined to find out how music stimulates neurochemical systems in the brain governing reward, motivation, pleasure, stress and arousal, and social affiliation. Here’s another (though isolated) study that shows music being more effective at lowering anxiety than drugs.

This same knowledge is being exploited by the online and mobile gaming industries to hook ever-more players in a similar way that gambling does. No, we do not condone obsessive compulsive disorders but it's every individual's responsibility to keep their urges in check, right? Right! Anyway, it's the goal of a marketing video to attract as many people as it can and what defines unscrupulous behaviour is a gray line.

Also known as non-diegetic sound, music is used to help the audience identify with the scene and also to set the mood. Notice how the music in the video is abruptly cut as the accident occurs and also when Edmund calls out to Ashley at the airport terrnimal? This was done to amplify the feeling of shock and drama as the scene unfolds over the next few seconds.

4. Riding the bandwagon.

Although there’s a stigma attached to this, riding the happy bandwagon isn’t as bad as they make it out to be. Some would tell you that it’s simply taking advantage of the success that others had built – we think it’s a symbiotic relationship that can and should be designed around mutual benefit.

It is also probably the biggest factor contributing to the success of the video.

Think about it: celebrities bring with them a large fan-base, who would check out any material featuring them. This brings attention to an otherwise good production that would sink underneath the radar. The celebrities in turn benefit being featured in a high-quality product that would further enamour their fans and also rope in new ones.

It also helps you stay relevant to your audience. Just try not to shamelessly plagiarize someone else’s work, but don’t let it paralyze your creativity! Take some time to understand how copy laws work. “Nihil sub sole novum”.

5. Staying frosty and having a plan.

Just as it suggests, no matter what challenges may crop up from time-to-time – stay calm. Most problems can be overcome with a little ingenuity and teamwork. Come across a problem that can't be solved? Improvise and find alternatives! Plan in advance and avoid becoming a kancheong (anxiety stricken) spider (no, it is not a reference to arachnophobia), scuttling about in a panic when time runs short.

Of course, be ready to accept failures from time to time, as long as you learn from it and do better next time. Although we plan against failing to the best of our ability, there's just no way (unless you're Indy) to succeed at everything the first time.

So, good luck and may the Spirit of Video Entertainment be with you!

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We interviewed our resident videographer, Leo Kim, who was responsible for the filming of MediAesthetic's little hit-wonder for some insight into the workings of his mind during the filming:

marketing video leo 1iPrimaMedia Team: Did you expect your marketingvideo to have the success it did?

Leo Kim:  Yes, as a matter of fact. A lot of work went into the preparation of the shoot: from designing the plot, scenes, characters, to the management of people. Preparations are essential to ensure that the shooting goes smoothly.

iPrimaMedia Team: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Leo Kim: Actors sometimes calling in sick or unable to keep to the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances. The site of the filming itself sometimes presents challenges. Rain, muddy terrain or minor mishaps while moving equipment around can halt a day’s shooting.

iPrimaMedia Team: How did you get acquainted with Ashley and Edmund, the two stars? How did you convince them to work with you?

Leo Kim: That’s an interesting question. Ashley was actually a patient with MediAesthetic who had gotten treatment for a real injury. MediAesthetic did such a good job that she decided to represent the clinic in their PR matters. It was MediAesthetic who recommended my services to them. I also know them personally and although getting in touch with them after a long hiatus in relationship was a little unnerving at first, they were very friendly and it was a dream to work with them. The rest is history.

iPrimaMedia Team: How was it like to work with the two stars?

Leo Kim: I’m very happy, of course! They take the shooting very seriously, but right after I shout out, “Cut!” they return to their friendly selves again. They were not only friendly but cooperated fully with my instructions. I couldn’t have hoped for a better working relationship – and being in the presence of real stars!     

iPrimaMedia Team: Where did you acquire your video shooting skills?

Leo Kim: I first started learned video shooting from a master of photography. I then continued to refine my understanding of the art through self-study.

I would say I’m naturally creative, and the camera is simply a way of translating my ideas into reality.

iPrimaMedia Team: Thank you for your time! Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Leo Kim: Everyone has their own story and experiences. Let these experiences inspire the stories for the shoots. A good film is one that has a strong storyline focus that touches the hearts of those who watch it.

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